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Construction in China seemingly has no end. There are well over 100 metropolitan areas in China with a population well over 1 million. And these areas are growing fast!  They are consuming all the cement they can lay their hands on.
One area, called Chongqing (formerly Chungking), has a population in excess of 37 million. No typo!  That’s about the population of California, and 30% larger than the population of Peru at 29 million. The population of Chongqing is growing (births plus immigration, minus deaths) at about 1,500 people per day. They need a place to live and that’s just one illustration of why there’s a construction boom in China.
Check this out: Anhui Conch Cement Company Limited (“Conch Cement”), China’s largest cement producer has grown from producing 2 million tons of cement in 1996, to producing 65 million tons of cement in 2006.  This all by the means of mergers, acquisitions and scale expansions. They are the largest producers of cement in China for 10 consecutive years. But here’s the kicker: they are the largest supplier of cement and clinker in ASIA, and the 4th largest globally. So you tell me, what’s the down side???
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That’s exactly what you get with this company and its wealth-producing cement and clinker.
At present, 60% of the global cement market is concentrated in the hands of the top 50 cement manufacturers worldwide. The Chinese mandated the elimination of 250 million tons of outdated cement production capacity by 2010. This industry consolidation will not only accelerate, but market shares and industry profiles will be concentrated to the strong companies, adding additional value created by acquisition opportunities because of the consolidation.
PURE PROFIT ESTIMATES China’s cement industry concentration will be improved to 181% respectively just in 2008 alone!!!
A Tale of 3 cities???
Allow PURE PROFIT to illustrate the tremendous money-making power of the cement strategy. I think you’ll like what I have to say.
An extremely large Swiss cement company HOLCIM recently raised its claim in the Chinese market. PURE PROFIT expects to raise its stakes to profit gains from 265% to 400% pretty much over night.
That’s not all…
Anther cement giant with direct exposure to China and a listing on NYSE is Ireland’s CRH. It’s greener than the rolling hills and PURE PROFIT’s information tells us that earlier this year CRH invested over $300 million for a 26% stake in JILIN YATAI GROUP, and if that’s not enough they have an option to acquire an additional 23%. CHR stock has pounded lately!  It’s currently trading at less than 6 times its earning, which makes it even cheaper than the industry giant CEMEX!
Who wants a cement company that has direct exposure to China? EVERY investor who executes the positions in PURE PROFIT, that’s who!!!
When it comes to using cement, China dwarfs everyplace else on the planet. Here is a revealing graph from our friends at The Oil Drum:
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Harold Rothstein, Florida NY
Heck of a graph, huh? Can you believe the comparison of China with everyplace else? The bottom line in all of this is that cement is a growth industry, maybe a growth industry on steroids?
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In all fairness to you, please don’t participate in PURE PROFIT if you’re at all skeptical, and think this is just a shiny report. I urge you to move along if $799.00 isn’t worth its weight in cement, this may not be for you!  Consider alternative newsletters.
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