Our Objective

At Sterling Creations we are committed to helping you create and develop professional, savvy websites to achieve the following objectives:

  • Become Section 508 compliant
  • Attract visitors to your website
  • Entice the visitor to return to your website again and again
  • Allow for easy downloading of your website no matter how slow or fast the Internet connection speed or the age of the technology may be.

We can help you build websites that are easy to navigate and easy to read and understand. Our websites will enable you to stay ahead of your competition. We will provide you with web content that is crisp and clear. Even for those whose first language is not English, will are able to be of assistance. Visitors to your website will no longer have to deal with fonts that are too small, nor will they have to worry about inappropriate foreground and background colors.

Accessibility speaks to many different levels. At Sterling Creations we believe in open doors. It’s good for business, good for community and good for you.

Web Accessible

Make your website one which attracts, retains and maintains customers over the long term.

  • Approximately 2% of our population is visually impaired and in Canada that’s well over 600,000 people.
  • Approx. 15% of our population is aged 65 and older and that’s over 5 million people.

How many are turned away from the site the moment it starts because a company has no idea the “door is closed”? At Sterling Creations we can help.

There is lots to learn about web access.

Physically Accessible

For many this is the basic. However, city code defines the basic and most fundamental requirements. Is your company missing elements of access that will improve the shopping experience? Is your office place designed in such a way as to maximize efficiency, reduce stress and motivate staff and customers. Likely there are key elements of design that are missing.

At Sterling Creations we can help both with the basics and the more subtle access opportunities.


Point of sales improvements are now designed to assist customers who cannot read information on a flat screen point of sale device and therefore cannot privately enter their PIN or other confidential information. Stores can been equipped with a tactile device at both the front check-out counter and the pharmacy counter to ensure that customers unable to use a flat screen keypad do not have to provide their PIN to a store employee.

Companies should also consider training its employees to provide appropriate interaction with visually impaired customers regarding the use of any devices and even general awareness. At Sterling Creations we offer training sessions on a wide variety of topics and areas. We can help.

Contact Us For More Information On:

  • Website compliance and accessibility
  • Section 508
  • W3C
  • Courseware (personal and company) design and delivery
  • Hardware (personal and company) consultation, procurement and training
  • JAWS training
  • Home Page Reader training
  • Software consultation, design and training
  • Onsite evaluation of physical layouts and facilities
  • Needs assessments
  • Writing of proposals
  • and much more