News – March 2024 – Donna’s Self-Help Initiative

Well-worn brown Scrabble tiles are arranged on a white background to spell out "Ask for help."

In response to several requests for Donna to expand her Ask the Coach and Catch Up With the Coach projects, Donna is presently engaged in preparing to launch her self-help initiative.

On March 10th, she was a guest speaker on Bob Branco’s In Perspective show, and callers were very enthusiastic about her initiative.

Donna’s self-help initiative includes the offering of her mass database filled with a plethora of tips and tricks, not just for blind and vision-impaired persons but also for those who need help in finding ways to cope and overcome daily challenges. This database will be offered at no cost to takers.

And how is Donna planning to make this database available? Thanks to her trusted friend and developer Aaron DiBlasi, she is planning to use various social media platforms to do so. Stay tuned for more details.

Donna will be working with Bob Branco to promote this project, and she thanks Bob for agreeing to work with her. She is very optimistic that she will also be able to include her mental management course within the confines of the self-help project, along with her privacy and protection course.

Donna has two additional courses in mind but will wait to gage interest.

Donna’s friend and associate Janet Perez will be providing advice on this initiative as it develops, and thanks to Janet, Donna has contacted Dr. Alan Chase. Alan works for the NC Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) and is the founder, president, and director of Envisioning Youth Empowerment Retreat ( Dr. Alan has readily agreed to work with Donna and has already made some great suggestions for expanding the self-help project.

Donna believes that her self-help project has lots of potential, and she will be updating her readers further in the coming months.

Donna has just received a very exciting endorsement from Ryan Chin, a financial planner with Sunlife Insurance of Canada, and Ryan has connected her with some of his associates.

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