We are pleased to offer you a variety of resources at affordable rates and are confident that you will find them useful. These resources can be used by anyone: corporate CEOs, entrepreneurs and small business owners, even casual Internet surfers. There is something here for everyone.

This is not a comprehensive list of our resources (but it is pretty close). Have a question or a problem that needs solving feel free to give us a call as chances are we can help.

Course Offerings

Sterling Creations has formed a training department to do the following: We offer several courses which are designed to help you become more aware of the types of access technology that our 750 million worldwide special-needs consumers use in order to be able to carry on their business and surfing requirements on the Internet. These courses can be customized to meet your specific needs and we offer them in the following ways.

Our corporate and organization customers can take advantage of our on-site, one- or two-day seminars, or purchase our manuals at very reasonable prices. Small businesses and individuals can take advantage of our special coaching by email or one-on-one, on-site training sessions.

Note: for all on site courses, we expect our customers to provide the appropriate access technology, hardware, and software.
We also offer seminars on Section 508 awareness which are designed to show both companies and individuals how they can use America’s Section 508 Legislation to help them increase their revenues.

Our training department also offers an on site course in Home Page Reader (HPr) which is the only self voicing browser on the market today. This product was developed by IBM specifically for blind and low vision users. We offer a two day course which is designed to help the student become fully independent when surfing and working on the Internet.

Dolphin Training – Now Available

The Sterling Creations team is delighted to offer training in Hal, the Dolphin screen reader. Our staff is very experienced with Hal, and we offer customized training and support to both individual and corporate clients. Dolphin is one of the leading developers of access technology for persons with special needs, and their products are extremely affordable to suit the financial capabilities of most.

JAWS (very affordable) Training – Now Available

Sterling Creations has formed a partnership with Mr. Frank Di Palermo, one of the world’s most renown instructors in the use of the Jaws access technology. Frank is one of the pioneers of access technology, and his background includes many years of employment with the IBM special-needs department where he helped pioneer IBM’s first screen reader product for the visually impaired. In addition, Frank travels many miles across North America as his services are in great demand by corporations and individuals seeking to learn the Jaws access technology. Jaws is one of the most popular access technology software for the visually impaired.

Make Your Website Accessibility Compliant

Sterling Creations and associates also offer the following types of services:

Accessibility testing and evaluation of websites.

Design, redesign, redevelopment, and development of accessible websites.

Testing of online collaborative tools and courseware.

Writers For Hire

Are you looking for help in writing those hard-to-create newsletters, marketing articles, or any other type of marketing material? Then Sterling Creations has an answer for you. We specialize in writing of newsletters, marketing articles, reports, web content, and other copywriting needs. Our services are prompt, and we pride ourselves on accuracy and being able to create the right type of materials for each client.

Blog Writers At Your Service

Are you dying to write your very own blogs but don’t really know how or where to start? Are you itching to advertise yourself and your business using blogs but you can’t seem to find the right words to use? Are you finding it difficult to afford those highly-priced blog writers who are charging exorbitant rates? We at Sterling Creations are committed to giving you a more than fair chance at being able to publish your own blogs. You will find that we are extremely affordable, dependable, and our work is of sterling quality. In addition, we can produce blogs in English, Spanish, French, Cantonese, and Mandarin.

In addition, we offer ghostwriting services for those of you who have an idea for a novel or how-to book but prefer another do the writing for you. If you have the creative idea yet lack the time or confidence to put it down on paper, we can help.

Translation Services Now Available

If you are seeking to have your information translated from English to French, French to English, English to Spanish or Spanish to English, English to Mandarin or Mandarin to English, and from English to Cantonese or Cantonese to English, then Sterling Creations and associates can help you with this as well. We translate documents, newsletters, emails, sales letters, web pages, web content, brochures, and much more. Our staff is made up of certified professional translators who have in-depth international experience.

Straight Off The Wires – Business Resource Desk!

There is an exciting resource that we would like to tell you about: the business desk. Six days a week a group of consultants post blogs to this business desk and these blogs contain:

  • Safety and security tips
  • Newest and hottest business trends
  • Goings on and happenings in the leading industries
  • What you need to know about things that are important to you
  • Success stories that focus on small businesses and entrepreneurs

Thousands of surfers visit this page on a daily basis to catch up on the latest and greatest, and so should you.

Transcription Services – Now Available

There are so many businesses constantly seeking qualified, reliable transcriptionists to transcribe audiotapes/digital recordings from meetings, conferences, and interviews into electronically readable format. More and more companies recognize that this is the most accurate way to maintain a record of these events. We have the perfect answer for you. Sterling Creations can transcribe almost any type of audio-cassette or digital file into an electronically readable format. We do it quickly and accurately – and confidentially – thereby helping you save precious time. We can even transcribe Spanish, French, Cantonese, and Mandarin. Our transcription services are especially aimed at those business professionals, students and professors who are constantly looking for multi-language transcription services. If you have DSS or WAV files to be transcribed then check out our convenient file upload facility.