The Compensation Crunch – Agencies Guilty of Paying with Gift Cards Instead of Real Compensation

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Donna J. Jodhan highlights circumstances where some high profile agencies for the blind and vision impaired are deliberately choosing to pay with gift cards instead of monetary compensation.
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A folded stack of $20 bills sits underneath an iron padlock.The Compensation Crunch
by Donna J. Jodhan

For lack of a better title I am going to take a few minutes to paint this picture.
This is a picture that has existed for as long as I can remember and I truly believe that the only way to change it is to speak up, speak out, and identify.

It is my humble opinion that too many universities in Canada along with some high profile agencies in the US continue to believe that when it comes to compensation for work carried out especially so by persons with disabilities,
It is appropriate for them to offer compensation in the form of such things as coupons and gift cards to coffee outlets and to Amazon.

What’s wrong with this picture? What if we were to say that in return for their work, universities and agencies should offer their employees coupons and gift cards in return?
I can bet you anything that there would be a huge uproar from employees!
And maybe some law suits along the way!
Frankly and respectfully so, I find this to be extremely disappointing, disrespectful, and rather condescending.

I would really love to know the reason for this type of strategy. Who does this really benefit?
Who ever came up with this very disrespectful game plan?
Certainly not those who do not frequent coffee outlets let alone shop regularly on Amazon.

I recently had a high profile agency in the US offer me Amazon gift cards in return for my developing and presenting a 2 model course on advocacy.
Needless to say I turned this down.
I could not believe that this particular agency would do this!
Alas! Disrespectful, condescending, and downright rude!

Some time ago I had a researcher from the University of Toronto who had the nerve to offer me a handful of coupons in return for doing a 2 hours consulting project with her.
When I refused she boldly told me that I would be getting my name out there!
I could only shake my head!

Just my two cents for today!

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About Donna Jodhan

Donna Jodhan is an award winning blind author, advocate, sight loss coach, blogger, podcast commentator, and accessibility specialist.
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