Web Accessibility

What does web accessibility mean? Just opening a web page will work for some people but at Sterling Creations we want to include everyone and everyone doesn’t have the same standard. Web sites need to be built in a fashion that includes rather than excludes individuals.

Web Accessibility Guide

Web Accessibility Guide

The User

What they need

Key Focus

Non-disabled The common theme with non-disabled users is to find a web site which is not irritating this includes but is not limited to removal of pop-ups, speed up loading times sync with with other personal devices and still be able to read all the pages. The User Experience
Blind /Seeing Impaired Access to key sites including specific banks, home shopping, news, dictionaries, travel agents, and so much more.
However, the sites must
work with a screen-reader (assistive technology) or
provide additional information to cover the fact that they cannot take in purely visual information.
Technical Accessibility
Epilepsy Pages that do not contain harmful flashing content that could trigger a seizure. Health & Safety
Elderly The ability to increase the text size in a page and see consistent navigation which allows them to “remember” their way around and if lost a site map or table of contents. User Considerations


What they need to do

Key Focus

Software Developers Focus on the code and ensure mistakes are removed at the authoring stage. Writing code that supports different technologies and devices. Code
Website Owners Stay informed and assume a legal responsibility. Key guidelines (outside the United States) and legal implications of the site. Including 508,
the level of WCAG 1.0. being implemented, training and expectations, follow up and maintenance.
Web Designer Understand the 508 standards and WCAG 1.0.
Understanding and applying supporting WCAG techniques.
Identifying tools which help to generate WCAG conformant content.
Making web content which works on different platforms and in different browsers.
Evaluating finished content using tools and comparing against a pre-approved checklist.
Lawyers Litigation is becoming more and more prevalent as access to the internet moves from a ‘nice to have’ to necessity. There is a need to understand existing legislation to determine people’s rights and duties. This includes Charter challenges. The ability to seek independent advice about what is ‘reasonable’ in terms of accessibility.
Using accessibility experts to evaluate whether or not a reasonable level of “accessibility” has been provided;
Independent Expert
Disability Rights Groups Demands for equalization of opportunities and the universal adoption of key standards. Canada lags much of the world on access standards. Opportunity Equalization
Politician Whoever fought for the first wheelchair ramp is a hero. Making a more inclusive society through policy.
Setting standards & benchmarks.
Promoting the widespread adoption and use of guidelines.
Measuring progress and showing visible results.
Adopt Accessibility

Do you know what the following means?

If not you may need to learn more about web accessibility – please contact us.

Is your site Compliant?

Standard 508 – Sterling Checklist

W3C Web Accessibility Initiative logo.

If you need help complying or improving web accessibility – please contact us.