The Expiry Date Syndrome – Time to Call Out the Guilty Ones

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Just another investigative piece by our president Donna J. Jodhan and for this week she tells you about a specific supermarket in her neck of the woods that is selling expired products.
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A photo of the exterior storefront of Yours Food Mart in the Bridlewood Mall in Toronto.The Expiry Date Syndrome
by Donna J. Jodhan

There used to be a time when many of us did not think it necessary to pay attention to expiry dates labels on our packages. However this has been changing quite noticeably over the past few years and the following is a recent experience that I encountered at a Chinese supermarket on the top floor of the Bridlewood Mall.

What stands out here to me is very interesting and here goes.
I bought 2 packages of mango pudding from this supermarket and my friend carefully checked the expiry date on both packages. The dates indicated August 2024 as the expiry date so I took them home and placed them in my fridge.

Later on that day I opened one of these mango puddings and lo and behold! It was no good. It tasted awful, the contents were watery, and it smelled. Horrible. I proceeded to check every mango pudding in both packages. There were 12 in total to check and guess what? They were all no good.

I had to throw them out but what is this telling me? How many other instances are out there of supermarkets selling goods with expiry dates that do not reflect an accurate expiry date? What is even more troubling in this case is that the date said August 2024 and lo and behold! The product was already spoiled?

Could it be that the expiry date was incorrectly stamped on the packages? Or that Heaven help us! This supermarket was deliberately selling old stuff with very old products? Or what could it be?

Since then, I have taken the time to ask others for their feedback and I have discovered that this seems to be a growing problem among several supermarkets. I can only urge others to pay closer attention when they go grocery shopping and to speak up if they run into similar problems.

Just my two cents for today.

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