Q &A: Should I Translate My Content in English?

Top of the day to you out there!  I’m Donna J. Jodhann and today I would like to bring your attention to the importance of translating your web content into English.  This editorial is for those bloggers who write their blogs in languages other than English.
Q &A: Should I Translate My Content in English?

Today, I would like to answer a frequently asked question.  One that so many bloggers whose first language is not English continue to ask.  Here is the question:
“If I produce blogs in a language other than English, do I need to have it translated into English?  Why should I?”
Despite the fact that more persons do not speak English than those who do, it is the overwhelming opinion that if bloggers who produce their blogs in a language other than English really want to attract more quality traffic to their blogs, they will need to have their blogs translated.  True it is that Chinese and Spanish are widely spoken around the world, but English is still the spoken language of the Internet.  If you choose to not translate your blogs into English, then you will be missing out on a very huge audience.  One can easily look at it like this:
You write your blog in your native language and it is not English.  You publish it and you are anxious to see what type of traffic you are going to attract.  Some days go by, then weeks, then months.  Not too many visitors have come by and now you are really shaking your head because you thought that you had written a very good blog.
You probably did write a very good blog but somehow it slipped your mind to have it translated.  You see, many more persons who speak English have access to the Internet.  Fewer persons who do not speak English as a first language have access to the Internet.  Confusing?  Please allow me to clarify further.  Within the English-speaking world, there are many more Internet users as against those in the non English-speaking world.  Are you getting the picture now?  If you want to attract quality traffic to your blogs, and you want to reach more consumers around the world, then please take the time to have your blogs translated.
I will close by giving you a reference to check out.
Q &A: Should I Translate My Content in English?
        By Daniel Scocco
        This is a frequent question among bloggers that speak English as a second language. Yes you are inevitably leaving out a big audience if your content is not in English. If you consider native speakers only, Chinese is the most widely spoken … Now you also ask about translating your blog content to English. If your objective is to increase the amount of quality traffic that you have, then you would need to have a human translator working on the content. …
        Daily Blog Tips –
I’m Donna J. Jodhan wishing you a terrific day.
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