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Sterling Creations has been fortunate to have the opportunity to work with several types of clients ranging from the entrepreneur to the small business, and from the individual to the large corporation. We would like you to meet some of our clients and learn what we have been doing for them.

This is not the total list just some names and organizations you will recognize. If you would like your name displayed here just contact us.

IBM logo.


We are working with IBM on a continual basis to promote the sale and teaching of Home Page Reader across Canada. We are very committed to HPR because of our belief that it is the best self-voicing browser on the market today.

Microsoft logo.


We have worked with Microsoft in the past to develop an online utility that will help to produce digital books for the blind and visually impaired.

Motorola logo.


We have worked with Motorola to develop ways to make their website more accessible to persons with special needs.

RBC Royal Bank logo.

The Royal Bank

Sterling Creations continues to work with the Royal Bank of Canada on an ongoing basis to address and deal with issues of accessibility. We work with the Royal to focus on website accessibility, online banking accessibility, plus more.

Bank of Nova Scotia logo.

Bank of Nova Scotia

We have also worked with the Bank of Nova Scotia to develop ways of making their websites more accessible to persons with special needs.

Government of Canada logo.

The Canadian Government (Various Departments)

We work on a continual basis with various departments of the Canadian government in Ottawa Canada, as our accessibility expertise is constantly being demanded. Most of our work involves the testing and evaluation of websites to ensure accessibility compliance. We have worked with the Office for disability issues in Ottawa Canada to develop a prototype for the design and development of an accessible website, and we continue to work with them to carry out accessibility testing on various online collaborative tools. We have also worked with Industry Canada to provide and present a report on the accessibility issues pertaining to PDF content on the Internet and we have just signed a contract with them to transcribe audio cassettes into electronically readable format.

University of Toronto logo.

The University Of Toronto

We have an ongoing working relationship with the university of Toronto because of our expertise in the testing of courseware to ensure accessibility compliance. In addition, we have worked with this university to develop a utility to enable special needs students to take advantage of distance learning classes on the Internet, and we have been part of a team that evaluated the telephone banking systems for the six major Canadian banks with the emphasis being placed on accessibility compliance.

The Educational Testing Service Of New Jersey logo.

The Educational Testing Service Of New Jersey

We have also worked as courseware testers for accessibility compliance with the Educational testing service of New Jersey.

CNIB logo.


We have an ongoing working relationship with the CNIB as accessibility compliance testers and evaluators. We test and evaluate websites and manage usability testing. Sterling Creations recently completed a project for the CNIB which involved a high level accessibility evaluation and supervision of a usability testing team. Sterling Creations wrote the high level evaluation report, as well as the usability questionnaire and usability task list. We conducted all of the user interviews and submitted a usability report. This project focused on accessibility issues for the website for the Psychiatric Patient Advocate office of the Ontario government.

The Greater Toronto Airport Authority logo.

The Greater Toronto Airport Authority

Sterling Creations is pleased to be working with the Greater Toronto Airport Authority. In March 2005 We were invited to Toronto’s Pearson international airport to view the airport customer assistance program (ACAP) which is one of the first in the world. We were given a tour of the facilities and services being offered through ACAP and we were asked to provide comments and suggestions. We are extremely excited about this program and we look forward to more collaboration with the GTAA.

Diversity in the Workplace

Since 2009, Sterling Creations has enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship with Jill Walters who is the president of the Diversity in the Workplace monthly online newsletter. The following is some info about Jill and her company.

Diversity in the Workplace logo.

Diversity! in the Workplace is Canada’s the only monthly online publication providing news, tips and events on how to develop and implement a diversity strategy and create a culture of inclusion and saluting our champions. Visit

Our Work With Foundations and Non-Profit Organizations

Sterling Creations is very pleased to be a part of the Torres Foundation’s projects and initiatives. In February 2005, Donna Jodhan, president of Sterling Creations, was invited by the Torres Foundation to speak at the Cariatech Conference in Trinidad. The conference was the first of its kind to be held in the Caribbean. In addition to Donna, Ted Henter of Hentermath and one of the founders of Freedom Scientific, was the main speaker and was also part of the ribbon cutting ceremony. Donna spoke on two topics: issues of employment facing special-needs persons, and the importance of accessible websites. This conference was seen as the first major breakthrough for special-needs persons in the Caribbean as they work towards building partnerships with governments and businesses to develop and foster training, employment, and educational programs. The Torres Foundation has assumed a leadership role and has asked Sterling Creations to be a part of their team. The Torres Foundation is also focusing its efforts on projects in the U.S. as well as Europe.

That’s not all!

Sterling Creations is proud of the work we have been doing in order to promote the services of entrepreneurs and small businesses online. We continue to provide services to entrepreneurs and small businesses in the areas of website development, web content development, copywriting of newsletters and various types of marketing articles, and much more. In addition, we have helped individuals fulfill lifelong dreams by ghostwriting fiction and non-fiction books on their behalf.