How Real Is the Generation Gap? – Yes, No, Maybe?

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An image of five portraits, each of a person from a different generation (traditionalists, baby boomers, generation X, millenials, and generation Z) with their respective age brackets below.How Real Is the Generation Gap?
by Donna J. Jodhan

Some say that it is real while others say that it is not. As for me, I am going to offer my respectful thoughts as to why I think that it is. With this in mind, I’ll limit my thoughts to the baby boomer generation versus the Y generation.

First off, the baby boomer generation is often labelled as those born between 1945 and 1964, and the Y generation is labelled as those born between 1964 and 2000. I hope that I have captured these labels correctly and if I have not then my sincerest of apologies.

I am thinking that the gap may probably lie in how those belonging to each generation may think and act. And react. Could it be that the baby boomers have been tasked with many more responsibilities and this is why they have been often referred to as the sandwich generation? They have been tasked with having to look after their own parents while at the same time they are being required to look after their own kids? As for the Y generation, they may be seen as not having to be tasked with as many responsibilities?

Could the generation gap lie in the fact that the baby boomers have had to work very hard to provide for both parents and kids whereas the Y generation have had the luxury of growing up with more than their parents? Could it be that the Y generation probably feels that they are much more entitled than their parents? Could it be that they have been made to expect much more from their parents than the baby boomers? Could the baby boomers be seen as the ones who have provided much more support to both parents and kids than the Y generation?

One thing that really disappoints me is that as countries and companies continue to practically force us to become more online savvy, the technical limitations and needs of our baby boomers are being forgotten and ignored. In short, baby boomers who have worked so hard to provide for their kids are not being appreciated for their contributions.
And on the other hand, the Y generation often seem to be lacking in appreciation of their parents instead choosing to deliberately expect their parents to bail them out of self inflicted muck-ups.

Just my two cents for today.

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