What's happening at some of our Supermarkets and stores?

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What’s happening at some of our = Supermarkets and=20 stores?
By Donna J. Jodhan
I am not sure if this is anything new = but I only=20 started to see this in late 2017.  There is goodness but on the = other hand=20 there is also some badness and I use this last term for lack of a better = one.
On the one hand we have supermarkets = that have=20 started to include checkout desks where persons with disabilities can = take=20 advantage of services to help them with their groceries.  However = we also=20 have stores where more self service kiosks are being implemented.  =
In the first instance persons with = disabilities=20 would applaud this feature but in the second instance this is not a = feature for=20 persons with disabilities and let us not forget our seniors!
Yes!  There are several who will = say that=20 self service kiosks are being brought in to help cut costs.  This = may be=20 true but I see two things that can be used to counter this = argument. =20
Firstly, there are going to be those = who will=20 lose their jobs to these self service kiosks and secondly there will be = many=20 customers who will not be able to use them. 
So how could we accomplish some sort = of an=20 acceptable balance?  Sure!  We need to use technology to = improve our=20 lives but on the other hand we need to keep these variables in mind as = we move=20 forward.
We need to find a way to protect = people’s jobs=20 and in addition we need to remember to accommodate the needs of our = seniors and=20 those with disabilities.
We must not leave anyone behind as we = move=20 forward.  Every group contributes to our economy and let us not = forget=20 this.
Just my two cents for today.
I’m Donna J. Jodhan wishing you a = terrific=20 weekend.
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