What’s happening at some of our Supermarkets and stores?

I am not sure if this is anything new but I only started to see this in late 2017.  There is goodness but on the other hand there is also some badness and I use this last term for lack of a better one.

On the one hand we have supermarkets that have started to include checkout desks where persons with disabilities can take advantage of services to help them with their groceries.  However we also have stores where more self service kiosks are being implemented.

In the first instance persons with disabilities would applaud this feature but in the second instance this is not a feature for persons with disabilities and let us not forget our seniors!

Yes!  There are several who will say that self service kiosks are being brought in to help cut costs.  This may be true but I see two things that can be used to counter this argument.

Firstly, there are going to be those who will lose their jobs to these self service kiosks and secondly there will be many customers who will not be able to use them.

So how could we accomplish some sort of an acceptable balance?  Sure!  We need to use technology to improve our lives but on the other hand we need to keep these variables in mind as we move forward.

We need to find a way to protect people’s jobs and in addition we need to remember to accommodate the needs of our seniors and those with disabilities.

We must not leave anyone behind as we move forward.  Every group contributes to our economy and let us not forget this.

Just my two cents for today.

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