Not enough time

This seems to be the rallying cry these days: not enough time!  It appears that much of society is suffering from this syndrome these days.

Maybe this cry was not as prominent up until 10 years ago or so but here we are today and this is the reality.

Not enough time to exchange a handshake!  Not enough time to offer a smile to a stranger!  Not enough time to pick up the phone and call one’s parents or family member!

Not enough time to see if someone struggling with their grocery bags or parcels needs a helping hand!

Not enough time to send a greeting card!

Yet somehow, just enough time to commit a crime!  Just enough time to expound hatred across the Internet!  Just enough time to snuff out the life of someone else!  Just enough time to abuse our kids!

What’s wrong with this picture?  Not enough time to truly take stock and fix it before it is too late!

Just my two cents worth for today.

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