I’ll Call the Police – We Need to Engage Urgently with Our Kids

Greetings everyone and I’m Christian Robicheau closing off the month of May with a very insightful editorial from our president Donna J. Jodhan.
Donna is reflectful in her editorial below and I invite you to send your feedback to us at info@sterlingcreations.ca.
We’d love to hear your views on this.
Enjoy your weekend.

A photo of a crowd of young people wearing formal suits and dresses, walking away from the camera.I’ll Call the Police
by Donna J. Jodhan

It appears that these days, whenever our youngsters find themselves in conflict with their parents, they resort to this statement. Gone are the days when kids listened, learned, and obeyed. They have now been replaced with this statement.

Of course, there are always two sides to any picture, plus the inbetween side which often serves as the real version. However, this statement is troublesome and needs to be really understood from the view of our kids.

As someone without any kids, I am left on the sidelines to listen, observe, and to try to understand. I cannot put myself in the shoes of our kids, nor can I do this as a parent, but it must be frustrating for both sides.

On the one hand, we have kids who honestly believe that the best alternative for them is to call the police whenever they have a disagreement with their parents, and on the other side, we have parents who are really trying to do the best that they can for their young ones.

Could it be that we need to have more meaningful communication, compromise, and a willingness to get along rather than engaging in confrontation? Are our kids being more influenced by their peers rather than by their parents and adults? Just food for thought!

Just my two cents for today.

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Turning to Mastodon – Is This the Accessible Alternative to Twitter?

Hey everyone and in my neck of the woods it is a holiday weekend.
So Canada, happy Victoria Day holiday to you!
Today, our president Donna J. Jodhan shares her views on the arrival of Mastodon.
Read her views and send your feedback to info@sterlingcreations.ca.
I’m Scott Savoy!

The Mastodon logo on a navy blue background.Turning to Mastodon
by Donna J. Jodhan

Now that the new owner of Twitter has found it necessary to severely curtail accessibility for persons with disabilities, we are seeing a mass exodus from Twitter and a march towards the Mastodon platform. The sad part about this mass exodus is that the new owner really does not care. In short, he is much more concerned with approaching things in his way, and in doing so, he has deliberately chosen to ignore and chop accessibility and navigability to his new toy!

Yes! His new toy! Here we have a man who is overly rich financially who really does not care about anyone else but himself. Whose main mission is to do what he wants and darn to anyone else. A man who does not care when he cuts off services to a very lucrative and rapidly growing market. But, is this not the case with others like him?

The minute they believe that cuts need to be made, then guess what? It is almost always users, customers, and persons with disabilities who are the very first victims of their whims and fancies!

This attitude and trend is no stranger to our landscape. How can we change this horrible circumstance? My respectful opinion is that, for better or for worse, an attitude only seems to change whenever someone is directly affected. I don’t wish disability on anyone, but we need to find a way to start reversing this sad and unfortunate trend.

So, onwards we go, and as long as this rich little boy keeps his head buried in the sand, playing with his expensive toy, persons with disabilities and organizations for and of persons with disabilities will continue to depart Twitter and head for Mastodon!

Just my two cents for today!

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The Other Side of Online Banking – See Who Is Being Left Behind

And a very happy Mother’s Day to all the moms I know and those I’m yet to know!
Above all! To my own Miracle Mom!
Happy day!
Today, our president has another investigative piece to share with you and she really wants to hear from you with your feedback!
Please send along your thoughts to us at info@sterlingcreations.ca.
I’m Christian Robicheau

A woman's hand holding a smartphone. She is accessing a banking app, where a money transfer is underway.The Other Side of Online Banking
by Donna J. Jodhan

If it works, then I will readily admit that online banking has a boatload of advantages.
To be able to conduct one’s banking transactions in privacy from the comfort of one’s home is something that I and so many others crave and strive for. However, when said online banking is inaccessible, unnavigable, and unusable, then here is where we need to be aware of the other side of online banking.

As a vision impaired person, the only way for me to be able to conduct my online banking is to be able to do it independently without any sighted assistance and to do it like the rest of the world whoever chooses to use online banking: independently, privately, and without any human intervention. In short, my online banking world must protect my rights to be able to do whatever anyone else does when they conduct their online banking. This is equal access for everyone.

Unfortunately, there are certain banking institutions that have not really been able to create an accessible and navigable, let alone usable, environment for clients with a disability, and it concerns me that despite the edict from the Canadian Government mandating all federally governed entities to submit draft proposals regarding their plans to make their products, services, and websites included fully accessible, this is not the case.

Remember now, the Accessible Canada Act was passed in July 2019, and federally governed entities are being mandated to provide draft proposals for how they will make their products, services, and websites accessible to everyone.

Some banks continue to ignore the requirements for accessibility when it comes to their websites, and as a result, online banking is not an option for many of their clients with a disability. I am learning this the very hard way. My basic rights to independence and privacy are being trampled upon, and now I am urging all federally governed banks to please take a look at their websites and their online banking systems.

Just my two cents for today.

To learn more about me as an award winning sight loss coach and advocate visit www.donnajodhan.com

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The Problem with Packing at Supermarkets – Shame on Walmart!

Hey everyone and welcome to the merry month of May!
Well, if you’re looking for a good piece of investigative reporting then nothing better than our president’s editorial for this week.
Donna J. Jodhan highlights a situation at one of the Walmart stores.
Send us your thoughts to info@sterlingcreations.ca
Happy weekend from us all!
I’m Scott Savoy

Donna standing at the cash at Walmart with lots of groceries in front of her.The Problem with Packing at Supermarkets
by Donna J. Jodhan

Maybe someone reading my editorial can help me to understand why it is the following are two very completely different pictures.

At the Metro store located in the Bridlewood Mall, there is a huge sign that tells customers that at Metro they will help you to pack your goods. But on the other hand it is a completely different picture at the Walmart store located on Steeles close to Markham Road.

As someone with a vision impairment, I am always very grateful whenever I receive assistance to pack my groceries at the cash. It does not matter whether or not I am with a sighted friend or with my mom. I really do not expect to have this type of assistance but I believe that as a common courtesy cashers should extend human kindness to anyone with a disability and to seniors or anyone requiring help.

At the Walmart supermarket/store, it appears that cashiers are totally oblivious to this.
They cash my groceries, shove it along the carousel and after the last item is cashed, they simply sit there and wait for me to pay for my groceries. No offer to assist me or my friend to pack my groceries. It does not matter that I am walking with my white cane! These cashiers are just not interested to extend any sort of human kindness.

Now I ask the following questions:
Has Walmart instructed them not to assist? Is it because Walmart does not give a darn about customer service? Or maybe is it that they do not think that it is important to extend this type of customer service? Or even better; it would take too long for cashiers to assist with packing? Or, that cashiers simply do not know how to extend courtesy and kindness? Maybe someone can chime in here.

Just my two cents for today.

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News – April 2024 – Donna’s First Meeting with the Air Canada Advisory Group on Accessibility Issues

Air Canada logo.

On April 23rd, Donna attended the initial meeting of the Air Canada advisory group on accessibility issues at Air Canada’s Montreal headquarters. Several Air Canada staff were also present and the day-long meeting consisted of presentations from senior Air Canada staff. They presented on a wide variety of issues that highlighted Air Canada’s efforts to involve employees, customers, and management in their initiatives to make accessibility an important part of their landscape.

Donna was extremely pleased to have been a part of this first meeting and looks forward to the next meeting.

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News – April 2024 – Donna’s Latest for Access to Information News

An image of Donna next to a desk covered with papers, a coffee cup, and an apple computer showing a blog.Donna has resumed posting to the Access to Information News weekly online newsletter sponsored by Mindvault Solutions!

To learn more about Donna as an award-winning sight loss coach and advocate plus more visit donnajodhan.com

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News – April 2024 – Blog Roundup

An image of Donna next to a desk covered with papers, a coffee cup, and an apple computer showing a blog.Donna’s blog posts give you great insights into her daily life, challenges, and perspectives as a blind/vision impaired person. Here’s a handy roundup of her latest blog posts:

For more like the above, visit Donna’s blog at https://sterlingcreations.ca/blog!

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News – April 2024 – Dining with Donna

A graphic banner that shows the remains of a restaurant meal with a check presenter. The restaurant bill says "Dining With Donna".

Welcome to Donna’s weekly show where she shares tried and proven recipes with her listeners. Here are the latest episodes:

Text copies are available. Subscribe to Donna’s YouTube channel for more!

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News – April 2024 – The Latest “Ask the Coach”

The words 'Ask the Coach' with seven branches coming off it, each represented by a relevant symbol: 'Expert', 'Consulting', 'Knowledge', 'Team', 'Advice', 'Trust', and 'Research'.This month, Donna answered the following questions for her “Ask the Coach” feature:

These were just some of the questions asked. Donna continues to answer questions from around the world both online and offline.

You can read more of Donna’s “Ask the Coach” answers by visiting sterlingcreations.com/blog.

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News – April 2024 – Catch Up on “Ask Donna”

A close-up photo of a microphone.This month, the “Ask Donna” podcast featured the following topics:

  • Week 1 – Ask the Blogger
    • On bullying
    • Tips on entrepreneurship
    • Scams and scammers
    • Donna’s thought for today
  • Week 2 – Ask the Coach
    • A bit of this and a bit of that from Donna’s monthly “Did You Know, Diary?”
  • Week 3 – Ask the Homemaker
  • Week 4  – Ask the Reviewer
    • Donna’s product review
    • Her book review

You can find Donna’s “Ask Donna” podcast episodes by visiting https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLX95yuU4fJhjjVBc9nZ9CpakNE8ahBIm3&si=cm0-v34TvRFl61rK

Donna’s mental stretch feature is also a must-listen! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLX95yuU4fJhj7lGMiFYHIVczaxcBDOa0x

You can read Donna’s “Ask an Author” tips by visiting sterlingcreations.ca/ask-an-author.

You can check out Donna’s “Ask an Expert” features by visiting sterlingcreations.ca/ask-an-expert.

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