Your best American cities

Hello there!  I’m Donna J. Jodhan and it’s time to have some fun.  Are you ready to travel a bit?  Enjoy some sites and sounds?  Want to learn more about your best American cities?  Then come with me.
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Week of October 24 2009:
Your best American cities
1. Kansas City Missouri
If you are looking for a city that will remind you much of Europe, then Kansas City Misouri is the place for you.
Kansas City is blessed with oodles of fountains; just like Rome and wide boulevards just like the city of Paris.  
Many of its neighborhoods sit atop of bluffs that overlook rivers.
The water flowing out of the fountains is the cleanest in America.
The cost of living is below the National average and home styles are of a wide range.
If you are looking to live in a city that reminds you much of Europe, then why not Kansas City?
2. Plano Texas
Are you looking for a city that can offer you a variety of home possibilities?
Lovely vacation homes, comfortable retirement homes, breathtaking riverfront homes, private log cabins, plus much more?
A city with friendly neighborhoods and very affordable housing?
A city that has great health care services?
Then you got it!  Come to the city of Plano Texas to learn more.
3. Wichita Kansas
Here you will find a city that is filled with lots of job opportunities in the aircraft industry.
A city for the arts and culture lover.
A city that is located not too far from Topeka and Cansas City Missouri.
The largest city in the State of Kansas.
If you are looking for a city that has lots of shopping adventures to offer, then Wichita is for you.
4. Virginia Beach
If you are seeking a city where you can enjoy a wide variety of homes to choose from, then this is the city for you.
There are magnificent riverfront homes, grand and luxurious estates, private log cabins, and even modern retirement homes to choose from.
Virginia Beach is not just for vacation time; you can also retire there in grand style, obtain lucrative employment, plus more.
If you are seeking a city with pleasant weather and one that is located not too far from the Nation’s capital, then Virginia Beach is for you.
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