Your best American cities

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Week of December 05 2009:
Your best American cities
1. Pembroke Pines Florida
A city with lots of warmth and character.
A city with a magnitude of homes to offer.
From lovely vacation homes and second homes, to grand riverfront homes with sweeping views.
There is much entertainment to enjoy, fine dining, and great educational facilities.
Pembroke Pines also offers a wonderful spot for retirement as well as fine living in modern condos.
If you’re seeking a city with sun, and one that offers something for everyone, then Pembroke Pines is the place for you.

2. Allentown Pennsylvania
Are you looking to relocate to a city that can offer you the opportunity to live within a stone’s throw of the Big Apple?
Yes!  YOu read it correctly.
A city with a cost of living that is below the national average, and one where you can still enjoy all of the luxuries, attractions, and excitement of New York City?
Allentown is a mid sized city that offers you much; great employment opportunities, lovely homes, and friendly neighborhoods.
Turn of the century architecture, quaint row houses, and beautiful condos.
If you are seeking a city with very affordable living in an area that is close to everything, then why not Allentown Pennsylvania.
3. New York City
Well, a wonderful city to visit for the holiday season.
Filled with lots of things to do and places to relax.
Shop till you drop!  Visit the many museums and galleries, and enjoy the night life.
Experience the magnificence of the Empire State Building and the excitment and wonderment of the underground transit system.
New York is the place to be for this holiday season.
4. Yonkers New York
Looking for a fresh new start?
Looking to live close to where the action is?
Well, for much cheaper, and to live in a city that is much less congested, you can certainly consider the city of Yonkers; a stone’s throw away from Manhattan.
This beautiful city offers much to everyone; from modern condos to historic mansions plus more.
It is home to many historic museums, a fantastic golf course, and a top class race track with a dynamic casino.
If your desire is to live in a progressive city that is close to Manhattan, then Yonkers is for you.

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