Who are the technically shy?

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Who are the technically shy?
By Donna J. Jodhan
For those of us who are either somewhat technically savvy or able to handle ourselves adequately with modern technology, we often fail to remember that a large segment of our population is what we call technically shy.  They are the ones who either did not grow up in the age of technology, or those who are practically afraid to interact with a computer screen.  Believe it or not, the technically shy person does indeed exist and too often when we say things like:  “Go to the control panel” or “Access your hard drive and go in to the documents and settings folder” we fail to remember that these persons often do not have a clue as to what we are instructing them to do.

This should not come as a shocker or shaker and no!  I am not whining about an imagined type of individual.  They exist and they could be anyone from an aging baby boomer to a senior or retiree or even someone who possesses a real fear of interacting with modern technology.  Or even someone who has a learning disability. 
Sometime ago, I published an editorial titled Internet service providers not listening; and I was amazed to see how many readers came back with very in depth descriptions as to how to do this and that.  Sure it sounds good to those of us who are technically able and savvy but to those who are technically shy?  It sounds like a horror dream.  Believe it or not, many Internet service providers in particular fail to recognize that there are practically millions of technically shy consumers out there and it does not matter how well their technical support staff are at instructing and explaining, these consumers will not be able to follow instructions and explanations because of their inherent fear of computer technology.
Internet service providers and hosting companies among others need to come up with creative ways to accommodate the technically shy or the technically disabled as they may also be described.  There is absolutely no reason for shutting out the technically shy because you know what?  These are the consumers who are going to become more and more influential as time marches on.  So, the next time you run into difficulty and require the assistance of an Internet service provider or a hosting company or any other type of company on the Internet, and if you consider yourself to be technically able, take a moment and think about how a technically shy or technically disabled person could be better served.
I’m Donna J. Jodhan wishing you a terrific day and weekend.
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