Your best American cities

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Week of September 12 2009:
Your best American cities
1. Bakersfield California!
One of America’s fastest growing cities.  Located not too far from both Fresno and Los Angeles.
This city has a population of about 329,000 and is considered to be one of America’s sunniest cities.
Nature lovers flock to this city to enjoy such attractions as:
Sequoia National Forest, Kern Canyon, Greenhorn Mountain Range, Tehachapi Mountains, the Carrizo Plain National Monument and of course the San Andreas fault, all of which are near the city limits. 
Employment opportunities abound in both industry and agriculture.
If you are interested in relocating to a city with a low cost of living and an abundance of job opportunities, then Bakersfield is for you.

2. Jersey City NJ!
Here comes a city that is filled with employment opportunities.
Jersey City has employment opportunities in manufacturing, industry, commercial ventures, shipping, plus much more.
It is very close to NYU and Columbia Universities.
Jersey City also offers easy access to ferries, railways, and highways.
If you are looking to live in a city where the cost of living is much cheaper than New York City and at the same time you can work in New York City, then consider Jersey City.
3. Worcester Massachusetts!
Also known as the Heart of the Commonwealth with a population of about 174,000 and
located on the Blackstone River. 
If you are seeking a city that has neighborhoods for everyone, than Worcester is your best bet.
Worcester is a city for students; check out the South side with its universities (the University of Massachusetts) along with affordable housing.
The West side is a neighborhood of suburban dream homes.
The East side is for those who crave city life.
If you are seeking a city with neighborhoods for everyone, then Worcester is the city for you.
4. Honolulu!
A city with lots to do in addition to surfing and enjoying the sandy beaches.
Honolulu enjoys sunny weather all year round; with temps no lower than 65 degrees F and no higher than 90 degrees F.
There are lots of friendly neighborhoods, friendly persons to meet, and great food to enjoy.
Honolulu is a place of history, with the only Royal palace on American soil and lots of museums and a fantastic tower to behold.
If you are looking to visit a sunny city with lots of history and fine dining then put Honolulu on your list.
5. Tallahassee Florida!
Located in the center of the Florida Panhandle with a population of about 169,000
This city can offer you the best of both worlds.
You can choose to live an exciting life in the down-home South or near the exciting beaches of Florida.
Real estate investment is very lucrative.
An All-American City and the number two college town in America.
Friendly neighborhoods abound and your children will never want for fun and exciting things to do and great friends to meet.
Fair weather all year round and cost of living is quite reasonable.
If you are seeking a city that offers the best of both worlds then why not check out Tallahassee Florida.
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