Jobs and careers identified

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Well, I am here to give you some very important news as it pertains to the shifting landscape for aging baby boomers and retirees.
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Jobs and careers identified

Do you know what older workers are doing these days?
Are they hanging on to jobs longer because of necessity?
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Older workers hang on to jobs longer — they have to
McClatchy Washington Bureau – Washington,DC,USA
The economic crisis has condemned many baby boomers — the roughly 75 … “For older people right now, the crisis is not jobs, it is wealth,” Shierholz said. …
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Are there jobs out there that could be classified as more recession proof?
Is there such a thing as recession proof jobs?
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Business Opportunities, Business Startup, Business News And Expert …
By Internet Guru
Are there jobs that are more recession proof than others? In this current recession climate, do you know of anyone that has been severely affected? Do you have any friends or family that have lost their jobs, or even their home? …. autos, Avego, B-Lab, Babies, baby, baby boomers, babysitter, babysitting, back to school, back to school bargains, back to school clothing, back to school supplies, Bad boss, bad credit, Bad year for banks: Failures surpass 2008, Bailout …
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Are income still ocntinuing to drop?
Or, are they on the way back up?
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Incomes Drop by a Record 4.7% in June 2009 |
By Nima
As businesses continue to shed jobs, and consumers abstain from spending, household income drops by the highest rate on record in June 2009: Household income. – 
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