They listen and learn

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They listen and learn
By Donna J. Jodhan
In my humble opinion there is one = glaring glitch=20 that most of society either seems to be ignoring or is blissfully = unaware=20 of.  What am I talking about today then?
The fact that our kids listen closely = and learn=20 quickly and this is why we are facing such tsunami types of dilemmas = when it=20 comes to our patterns of behaviour.  For better or for worse; = whenever a=20 kid decides to take matters into their own hands and use a gun to settle = scores,=20 it is not directly their fault.  O no!  It is the fault of us = adults=20 because you know what? 
They learned from us!  They = learned from us=20 adults who failed to control our tempers through our words and actions = in front=20 of our kids!  They listened when we raised our voices against each = other=20 and they listened very carefully when we threatened someone else.  = They=20 were aware when we posted our nasty comments on social media and used = our cell=20 phones to send terrible texts to someone else. 
No!  Do not blame those kids who = entered=20 their schools and took it onto themselves to use a gun to shoot and kill = their=20 peers and teachers!  Do not blame it all entirely on their  = mental=20 instability!  We need to stand up and admit that we too played a = huge role=20 in all of this and how so?
Because we did not set the proper = example for=20 them and if we continue to ignore this then things are only going to get = worse!
Just my two cents for today.
I’m Donna J. Jodhan wishing you a = terrific=20 weekend.
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