They listen and learn

In my humble opinion there is one glaring glitch that most of society either seems to be ignoring or is blissfully unaware of.  What am I talking about today then?

The fact that our kids listen closely and learn quickly and this is why we are facing such tsunami types of dilemmas when it comes to our patterns of behaviour.  For better or for worse; whenever a kid decides to take matters into their own hands and use a gun to settle scores, it is not directly their fault.  O no!  It is the fault of us adults because you know what?

They learned from us!  They learned from us adults who failed to control our tempers through our words and actions in front of our kids!  They listened when we raised our voices against each other and they listened very carefully when we threatened someone else.  They were aware when we posted our nasty comments on social media and used our cell phones to send terrible texts to someone else.

No!  Do not blame those kids who entered their schools and took it onto themselves to use a gun to shoot and kill their peers and teachers!  Do not blame it all entirely on their  mental instability!  We need to stand up and admit that we too played a huge role in all of this and how so?

Because we did not set the proper example for them and if we continue to ignore this then things are only going to get worse!

Just my two cents for today.

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