The Most Reliable, Certain, Steady, Trustworthy and Loyal Investment being Exposed

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The Most Reliable, Certain, Steady, Trustworthy and Loyal Investment being Exposed
so you want to Retire… or you’re already Retired?
So what happens to your portfolio if the Market continues to tank for the next couple years?
Read on My Friends to find out how you can Collect Safely WITHOUT Buying Stocks, or Options…
Dear Gryphon Financial Reader,
Before I continue further, let’s get something out in the open. This newsletter does not guarantee or make any claim that you will be “doubling your money” or that you will make “triple digit gains” overnight.
But here’s the good news. I am able to show you a way of investing your hard earned money where it can mature SECURELY and STEADILY… no matter what the market does… Whether it goes Up or Down for months or years! IT DOESN’T MATTER!!
Allow me to introduce you to a new investment newsletter service that is proven to be more valuable in this market than any other out there.
Our latest recommendations from this service have prized 12% and 17% over the last five weeks… while stocks have gotten demolished!
And you should also know that these recommendations did NOT require playing stocks short or buying them at all… it also didn’t entail buying currencies,..options…commodities… or government bonds either!
Hope you’re not worried, because this is just as easy as buying Stocks or Options I assure you.
This venture offers shelter and great profits. What could be better right now? This method can give you your peace of mind back…you can sit back and relax knowing your money is safe…without having to worry about what the markets are doing…How’s that sound?
One of the Safest Ways to Invest Right Now
This is the best alternative to stocks and the market that will enable your portfolio’s growth, adding to it double-digit profits, year after year…without risk, without dealing with a dormant bear market.
The plan, well it’s called the, “Corporate PAYBACK System”. It is the only way for you to gain 10% – 50% (or maybe even more!) in a brief time period. I can’t think of a better time for you to move your money into a safer and more consistent venture then right now!
Allow me to explain …
The Most Reliable, Certain, Steady, Trustworthy and Loyal Investment being Exposed
Just mull over a small amount of the various advantages of this approach:
Obtain Compensation Even during a Catastrophe – Market lunges… terrorist attack… pathetic financial news… reduced earnings… you still get compensated!
Returns AND Security – Receive profit s that surpass the stock market, with limited danger and practically no instability
Broaden your Horizons – Effortlessly extend your assets across numerous and diverse segments of the financial system
Predictable and Consistent Earnings – Your profits are mandatory by law and distributed to you on an exact day. A relief to know how much and when you are getting paid!
Bare Minimum Investment – With just $5,000 to $10,000 you will be able to out of harm’s way using this system 
PASSIVE Income=Capital Gains – Earn reactive income, while  producing generous capital gains
Escape From the Most Treacherous Market Of Our Lifetime
My mind just can’t recall a more challenging and problematical market than the one we are encountering on a daily basis. Anyone can profit from a bull market, No? But this is extremely difficult to deal with. Our markets fluctuate so uncontrollably it is almost impossible to avoid the exploitation, the emotional swings, the innuendoes and the government involvement…no one is safe!
So…with all that said I am absolutely elated to be introducing you to system you can use that will afford you the same or better profits that stocks do, but without all the volatility and the risk!
Retirement… Are You Ready? This may be your last window of Opportunity to secure your FUTURE
If you’re like me, within a decade of retiring – or you’re retired already – do you think you can risk being a victim of today’s market? The system I am speaking about can get you those market returns you so desire…but you won’t have to keep running to your computer every time the market plummets. You will be able to rest easy every night…no more market anxiety…no more having to ponder over when to sell or if you should buy at all. Investing the “Corporate Payback System” way won’t leave you cringing on a daily basis.
One of the Safest Ways to Invest Right Now
So, do you want to know about “Corporate Payback System”…?
Short term-Investment Grade Corporate Bonds
You may have to consider the downward market swing and get heavily invested in corporate bonds for the sake of your savings, for the sake of your future.  
Listen to what some others have to say…
“High- quality bonds pay off even for the most cautious investor”
“With many investors terrified of the stock market and afraid to touch anything but U.S. Treasuries, investment advisers are trying to steer clients into bonds that are paying higher interest, while still being light on risk: the safest municipal bonds and high-quality corporate bonds… Shorter-term bonds can be even more attractive.” Gail MarksJarvis,
Don’t Forget About Corporate Bonds
By MICHAEL KAHN “With their intense popularity, Treasuries lack a proper payoff. But investment-grade, company-issued bonds are starting to look attractive again.”
“Money also found its way into highly rated corporate bonds, with the iShares iBoxx $ Investment Grade Corporate Bond Fund …up 1.0%, or 87 cents, at $88.47”    Javier Espinoza and Lisa LaMotta,
“BONDS are not Boring nor are they slow in growth! Most wealthy people…I’m talking about Multi-Millionaires and Billionaires know better.  If they are carefully picked, BONDS yield high income, large profits and protect your capital.
AIG…LEHMAN…Bear Stearns… Shareholders Wiped Out… Bondholders Still Get Paid!
Your Very Own Personal Bond Professional…
At Your Assistance!
In the last couple years, the readers of Gryphon Financial have asked me time and time again, when we would  have a service and newsletter that catered to Bond trading, something that recommended safe, high profit, low risk Bonds.
Being as the market is these days, I knew there is no time like the present. Although these things take time, I mean finding the right person for the job. Bonds are an area of expertise, I needed a skilled “authority” to distribute this guidance to our faithful readers. Well without further ado allow me to introduce you to Gryphon’s newest guru…
David Sparks. Who we kindly refer to as “Sparky”
David Sparks a familiar name I am sure you know, worked with one of our largest competitors, who I dare not name, where he was the Chief Editor and Bond Trader for the last 5 years. David’s specialty has been in Investment Speaking. With a retirement aged clientele, David’s specialty quickly became centered around conservative investments and bonds. He is an accomplished risk management professional and is more than ideal for the task at hand.
Here’s what you need to know…
There are several ways companies raise money for their operations, expansions or improvements. They 1. Go through their existing return, 2. By releasing new stock, or 3. By borrowing money through bonds.
David will be recommending “INVESTMENT GRADE” Bonds. These bonds are issued by companies who have the best of credit and are the safest bets. These bonds are some of the best investments in the world when it comes to low risk and high gain. When you begin to invest in Bonds you will be joining some very influential groups. Groups like major financial institutions, pension funds and insurance companies.
So…How Will You Make Money…
All Bonds are issued at a value of $1000.00. With time of course, there are numerous aspects in the market that may cause a Bond to trade for less than its value. This being called a “discount” allots the trader to be paid the discount amount to be paid out at its maturity. David’s forte is recommending Bonds that are trading at a discount. This is how you will be able to secure profitable gains, plus interest. THIS IS TOTAL EARNINGS!
Watch how it works…
An Example of a Company that is Legally Obligated
to pay You 40%…
David is presently recommending a Bond from a very well know, and reputable company. The Bond cost today is $795 and it does not mature until January 2010. The interest due on this bond is a rate of 7.75%, which is due in January and again in June of 2009, and again in January of 2010.So, you would receive three payments of $116.25 in interest and the face value of $1000 in January of 2010, which corresponds to a profit of $205.
BOND COST = $795
Sure beats losing money in the stock market!
I’m Proud to Present to You
The Bond Authority
The opportunities in high yielding, high quality bonds is astonishing! Under any circumstance corporate Bonds are one the most striking investments you could own in your portfolio.
This is why Gryphon Financial has joined forces with David Sparks, so you can enjoy the profits, get the information you need, give you commentary and advice and above all recommendations for profitable, high quality Bonds. 
GRYPHON is taking action to protect your hard earned money plain and simple!
THE BOND AUTHORITY will show you how to get the high profits, long term results  without any of the Stock Market Risk or Volatility.
Listen… you need to consider some more benefits:
NO JUNK! Only Investment Grade Bonds! – For the turbulent times we are seeing right now, loaning money to companies that are a credit risk won’t happen with THE BOND AUTHORITY. You will only receive information and recommendations for the best and strongest companies out there!
 Various and Diverse – A wide variety of bonds in your portfolio will minimize further risk. THE BOND AUTHORITY will advise you of many different companies, in many diverse areas In time you will have anywhere from 15-30 different Bonds in your portfolio
High Fees are Avoided –  We’re talking about anywhere from1% to about 5%.
Broker commissions are ONLY about a $1 – Brokers only charge you about a $1.00 per bond, cheaper than buying stocks, right? All your broker needs is the name, the coupon, a maturity date and a CUSIP number (9 digit # attached to all traded securities). SIMPLE AND EASY!
The Holding Periods Will Help You Beat Inflation – The Bond Authority will choose Bonds with short holding periods, let’s say (12-24 months) that way you can still invest the principal monthly and keep up with the market.
Buy It and Forget! –  The norm is buy a bond, collect your interest and principle at maturity. No constant worry, because you’ll know the precise amount you are collecting and when you are getting paid.
YOU can Be paid Interest Every Month – If you structure your portfolio you can receive interest and maturity payments each month. You will then be able to have a source of income to reinvest or spend as you wish.
Here’s What THE BOND AUTHORITY Members Will be Receiving:
Bond Fundamentals a 28 Page SPECIAL REPORT (retail value $200)  – The nitty-gritty of Bonds. A members only report that will show you step by step the basics and important elements of investing in Bonds. David will also show you how, when, what and why. A must read for Bond investing.
New Suggestions – David will be sending you 2-3 Bond recommendations every month, specifying the exact details, including payout dates and amounts you will be receiving. So…For the next entire year you will be getting anywhere from 24-36 Bond positions that will enable your portfolio’s growth and it give it new life with diversification.
Bi-Weekly Observations to bring you up to date – Every other week, David will send out his newsletter THE BOND AUTHORITY MANAGER highlighting Bond and market commentary, updates on your portfolio and continuing Bond Education helping you become a savvy Bond investor.
How Much Are You Willing To Pay For A Bullet-Proof Vest?
Isn’t it an understatement by saying you are getting shot at right now in the market? I can’t impress upon you enough how imperative it is to be able to protect your hard earned money in today’s economy. You worked hard, right? This is more than a couple bad weeks in the market. You need to protect your assets by adding and supplementing with Bonds. They will rescue you from taking another hit you just can’t afford, or quite honestly may put you in the financial hospital!
THE BOND AUTHORITY will show you how you can remain safe during turbulent times. You will be able to take significant profits off the table without stock market risk, volatility or emotional stress. You will be able to make money, and lots of it, when everyone else is losing theirs.
Here’s a FACT you probably didn’t know… The Dow Corporate Bond has not lost, not even 5% since 1956! AMAZING RIGHT?
THE BOND AUTHORITY retails at $1200.00 per year, and when we go public my friends, that is what we will be charging, but for our loyal subscribers of Gryphon Financial we will discount the full retail price so you won’t have to pay anything eve n close to that!
ONLY $599.00 A YEAR!!!
A RISK-FREE Guarantee that will Gain Profits for you for a Lifetime
The only risk for you is NOT taking me up on this offer. This is a tremendous opportunity, which I know you will be thrilled about. Dive in, save yourself from losing more money, take advantage of knowing you’re protected with THE BOND AUTHORITY! OR lose more of your time, money and sanity trading Stocks- IT”S UP TO YOU!!!
NOW is the Time to Secure Your Portfolio
Don’t Forget you will receive:
Free Bond Fundamentals, a 28 Page SPECIAL REPORT (retail value $200)  – The nitty-gritty of Bonds. A members only report that will show you step by step the basics and important elements of investing in Bonds. David will also show you how, when, what and why. A must read for Bond investing.
So, you can call us at 1-800-828-9921 or 1-718-370-2883 with questions, concerns and your credit card or check by phone information- OR you can sign on quickly and easily right from this page.
GRAB HOLD of this money preserver you’ve been looking for – you just might be able to swim your way through a sea of bad investments …all the way to the safety of secure Bonds.
In hopes that you are taking advantage of this significant discount I am offering you, not only do I want to thank you in advance, but your portfolio, your family and your future thanks you too. Join today-because the prices are going up.
Here’s to you and your success,
Jeanne Grecco, Publisher
Gryphon Financial
October 2008
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P.S.S.- This offer ends on January 1, 2009 and the price will go up to  $1200.00!
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