Are call centers in India a barrier to employment?

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Are call centers in India a barrier to employment?
This is the big question of the day.  On the one hand I can understand why so many companies have chosen to relocate their call centers to India; mainly to reduce their costs.  However, and this is the big topic of the day, how this strategy on the part of companies continues to affect employment for persons with special needs.
According to the majority of business experts, the relocation of call centers to India continues to reap havoc among the following types of persons:
Retirees seeking to supplement their incomes.
Single parents who find it more flexible to work call center hours.
Students that seek income to help pay for their tuition.
Persons with disabilities who are faced with employment barriers.
In a recent survey carried out in the United States, it was revealed that the majority of persons with disabilities surveyed felt that call center jobs were more suited to them, that they had a better chance of finding employment with call centers, and that the barriers to employment were much lower.  There are many who would argue against these results but these were the thoughts of those who felt most affected.
My final thought on this topic is this:  Unemployment among persons with disabilities is one of the highest in North America at the present time and companies need to realize that there is a very untapped labor force out there just waiting to be discovered.  Yes, the persons with disabilities labor force. 
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