The hope lives on

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I hope that everyone is ready to enjoy beautiful September and today, I am delighted to bring you a very moving editorial writeen by our president Donna J. Jodhan.  I hope you find it as moving as I did.
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The hope lives on
A few weeks ago as I sat following the funeral for Senator Ted Kennedy, one thought kept crossing my mind and it was this:  His now famous quotation of “The hope lives on and the dream will never die.”  There is no doubt that the famous Boston Senator shall go down in history as many things; Statesman, Senator, father, grandfather, husband, uncle, brother, and friend to so many.  This man reached out to many and that was so evident in the eulogies that were made by his sons and the president of the United States; but what really impressed me about Ted Kennedy was this.  His willingness to admit his errors and his ability to keep on going despite the many personal tragedies in his life. 
There are some who would say that it was a bit easier for him to do all of this because of his power and financial background but if we look at this man a bit more carefully, we can certainly draw lessons from him when it comes to our own circumstances as blind and visually impaired persons.  He overcame many personal tragedies and we as a community continue to face and overcome many challenges and disappointments.  Ours is an ongoing fight to keep our heads above water and his was the ability to keep on going despite heavy personal blows.  He reached out to many and in the same light we need to do the same.  We need to reach out to other blind and visually impaired persons in order to strengthen our community, our viewpoints, and our voices in society.
We need to keep our hopes alive and our dreams afloat.  We have no choice in the matter if we hope to improve our lives as contributing society members, as Human Beings, and as persons who have something important to say.  There are days I am sure when many of us wake up with dwindling hopes and dashed dreams and it is only natural and normal for us to feel this way.  Much of the rest of the world probably has the same types of days but you know what?  We must not give up because if we do then we might as well stay in bed for the rest of our lives.  We need to stay awake, unite our voices, reach out to each other, and keep on moving despite all of our continual disappointments.  Just like what Senator Ted did.

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