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Week of September 05 2009:
Your best American cities
1. Anaheim California!
The 10th largest city in America with one of the lowest crime rates for a city of its size.
Located in Orange county with a population of about 244,000. 
About 40 miles away from Los Angeles, home to the University of Southern California, and home to the Mighty Ducks NHL hockey team and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim major league base ball team.
Home to the Disneyland Theme Park plus many more exciting attractions.
If you’re seeking exciting and interesting careers in the food industry, then this is the city for you.
2. Omaha Nebraska!
The heart of the mid West and the center of America!
Ohama is a city for all stages of life.
Easily reached by both car and plane.
Friendly neighborhoods, Modern townhouses, luxurious estates, and modern condos.
This city is surrounded by beautiful landscapes.
Omaha is packed with lots of exciting entertainment and cultural festivities.
If you are lookingfor a new start in life then Omaha is the city for you.
3. Birmingham Alabama!
This magical city is located in the Jones Valley in the Appalachian foothills.
The cost of living is below the national average and Birmingham is the largest city in the state of Alabama.
Birmingham is known for its motor and college sports.
Birmingham was also recently named “Bass Capitol of the World” by ESPN because of its extensive network of lakes and quality of recreational fishing.
If you are looking for a place to get away to, then Birmingham is the city for you.
4. Amarillo Texas!
A beautiful city surrounded by miles and miles of yellow corn fields.
Amarillo is deep in cowboy country with many sprawling ranches and farmland surrounding it.
Cost of living is low.
Amarillo is the 14th largest city in the State of Texas with a population of about 230,000.
Amarillo is within 400 miles of two major metropolitan areas: Dallas to the southeast and Oklahoma City to the east.
If you like living on sprawling ranches, then Amarillo is the city for you.
5. Santa Rosa!
Santa Rosa is only an hour”s drive north of San Francisco.
Home to the University of San Francisco (USF) – Santa Rosa.
Santa Rosa has
properties that range from vacation getaways, second homes, condominiums, private log cabins, retirement homes,
riverfront homes and luxurious estates.
Santa Rosa is located in the heart of California’s famous Wine land, and has many wineries and vineyards nearby.
If you are seeking a scenic city to relocate to, then Santa Rosa is probably one of your best bets.
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