The case for English only

By Donna J. Jodhan

There is definitely a case for the English only environment but most experts
will tell you that it is probably not a very good idea to push this one.
Why? Because of a growing need to communicate in multi languages; our world
depends on global trade to keep us afloat and this means communicating in
multi languages, any language other than English.

True it is that in several instances, bilingualism could be viewed as a
tremendous cost. It comes down to which language should we choose to teach
and host after the English language. It all depends on which geographical
location you are thinking of. There are pros and cons to this big question
and both sides have very valid points but for me personally, I am a believer
in multi lingual environments. I have a great reference for you to check
out. Please see below.

The Case for English Only – Surfside Beach,SC,USA
>"The cost of multilingual ballots and translations represented … But, is
the Chinese culture better than Mexican? Or French better than English? …
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