Is PPC More Important to a New Site Than SEO?

How much do you really know about the difference between PPC and SEO? Well,
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Is PPC More Important to a New Site Than SEO?
December 19, 2009

Both SEO and PPC are important, but do you think one
carries more weight than the other? Share your thoughts here.

Is PPC More Important to a New Site Than SEO?
Chris Crum | Staff Writer

The PPC vs. SEO Debate Continues

In a recent article, we looked at a debate over what is better between
search engine optimization and pay-per-click. Of course both should be used
typically, but on a recent panel at SES Chicago, participants were asked to
pick a side to highlight the benefits of each compared to the other. It made
for some pretty interesting conversation.

That conversation extended into our comments. The general consensus seems to
be that you should use both when possible, but that SEO is better for the
long term, and PPC is better for quick results. These notions were backed up
by both Michael Gray and Christine Churchill, who were on opposing sides of
the debate at SES.
Gray and Churchill both shared their thoughts in more detail in two
separate interviews for WebProNews. Gray noted that Google is making changes
that could have some effect on the success of organic rankings. One of these
changes is the introduction of personalized search to all Gooogle users. You
no longer have to be signed in for Google to personalize your results, and
that means it is much more important to get that first click from a user.
Gray talks about this and the other change, being Google's banning of
AdWords advertisers with what he thinks is not the best communication.

Churchill elaborated on the usefulness of PPC to people who are just
establishing themselves on the web. The reality is that SEO takes time, and
while it is of great importance and provides long-term benefits, it is very
hard to be competitive right out of the box.

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When you have a brand new domain name, a new site, and no links, you're
probably going to have a hard time jumping up in the rankings for any
competitive keywords. PPC lets you do it and start getting your ROI quickly.
She also talked a little bit about flexibility vs. control between SEO and

Not everyone agrees that PPC should be used for a brand new site. One reader
commented on our previous article:

SEO is an absolute must when dealing with new web sites. None of the search
engines are going to rank you very high in the organic searches if you are
not meeting their criteria. And…the Organic search results are 24 hours
per day ads. Not so with PPC, unless you are dealing with an unlimited
PPC should be used after SEO to target special sales, or services. It is a
great way to help searchers locate your products when they are on sale, or
your services when a special price can be obtained.

One thing to keep in mind, however, as Gray touched upon, and some other
readers suggested, PPC can be used up front to help you determine the
directions to take your SEO efforts in. You can use PPC quickly to determine
what keywords convert better, and use that to your advantage in your
optimization practices.

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