Jobs and careers identified

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Week of Mar 27
Jobs and careers identified
Is employee confidence increasing in the marketplace?
If so, why so?
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Employee confidence increases in fourth quarter 2009
Consultant News
Kenexa’s quarterly study, which measures the degree of confidence employees have in their employers’ marketplace competiveness and their own careers, …
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How are older persons feeling about their jobs these days?
Are younger persons becoming more concerned about not being able to find jobs?
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Why Jobs are Not Just About Jobs « Deep Thoughts by Professor Pinch
By professorpinch
On one hand you have retirees that are leaving and probably won’t return (face it: if you feel good about retiring in this environment, you’ll feel good retiring in any environment), but at the other end of the spectrum, … Because baby boomer retirements is very much a secular trend: people get older and they retire. But the question about younger workers is a very serious one. Because the longer they stay out of work, the economy loses something more than potential …
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How easy is it to find the job you want after retiring?
Where or how can you start?
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Retirement Jobs – How to Find the One You Love
By Carla Vaughan
Even though people may say you’re over the hill, you have many miles to go before you think of settling down for good! If you know where to look for them, there are many good jobs just for the right person. It just may as well be you! … Retirees can also make extra money by making their favorite crafts. You should check with your local Chamber of Commerce to see where there may be businesses you can hook up with that my want to sell you artwork and handicrafts. …
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