Let's sing together

Greetings!  I’m Christian Robicheau, assistant editor of writing services at www.sterlingcreations.ca.
Today, I am delighted to present you with an editorial by our president Donna J. Jodhan and in her editorial for this week, Donna puts out a call for the blind community to come together.
I wish you a great weekend.
Let’s sing together
I am not sure how else to phrase this but here goes.  I think that the time for us has come to sing together and what am I getting at today?  It is time for us to stop beating up on each other.  Time for us to stop the blame game; and time for us to come together and pool our resources to sing together.  In short, it is time for us as a community to put our differences aside and start working together for our own good.  We need to start building bridges.  Time for us to heal the wounds, and who else better to do all of this then we ourselves.  
It is much easier to criticize rather than commit and even easier to complain rather than carry out.  None of this should come as a shocker or shaker and I am very sure that some of you will probably find it easier to train your guns on me rather than take all of your energy and put it into more productive use.  You should not be surprised to hear me say that there is an abundance of talent floating around within our community and among us.  There is so much unharnessed energy just waiting to be scooped up and put to work.
There is a mass of untapped talent among us that needs to be taken advantage of and we need to find ways to harness all of this and move forward.  The past is the past and unfortunately we cannot go back and correct it but what we can do is to move forward and work for a better future.  It is time for us to build bridges instead of throwing bombs and spitballs at each other for the latter has not gotten us anywhere.  We need to come together and start unifying our efforts for the good of our community.  

We will not have a hope in the world if we continue to rip each other apart; distrust each other, call each other nasty names, and accuse each other.  We will never be able to get past where we are if we continue to complain instead of suggesting.  We will never be able to reclaim our rightful inheritance if we continue to spend our energy on negative thoughts and words instead of putting it into positive action.  History unfortunately can not be corrected but the future can be changed; only if we stop for one moment and think of not just ourselves, but others.
Let us put our differences aside for the sakes of both ourselves and for tomorrow’s generation.  Let us use our energies and talents to create and develop bridges and structures that will stand tall.  Let us make both ourselves and each other proud to say that yes!  Despite our differences we can still work together.  So, how about it?

I’m Donna J. Jodhan wishing you a terrific day and weekend.
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