Jobs and careers identified

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 Jobs and careers identified

Are you concerned about whether or not social security is broke? 
How important is it for you to know now so that you can start making other plans?
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Is Social Security Broke? : Debt Law Network
By Carmen Dellutri, Attorney at Law
More people than ever will be applying for early retirement this year and next year because they have either lost their job and cannot find another one or they are going to lose their jobs and will need to replace that income in some manner . … So, the problems begin when you see more early retirees and an aging population of baby boomers applying for benefits combined with an economic slump. Some 400000 additional people applied for Social Security Benefits since last …
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Are seniors today doing the jobs that teens used to do?
If so, why so?
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Chas’ Compilation: Social Security Insecurity: an Orchestrated Crisis
By Chas
Social Security officials had expected applications to increase from the growing number of baby boomers reaching retirement, but they didn’t expect the increase to be so large. … Where we live, there are plenty of jobs that nobody wants to do. At our local supermarkets, the “bag boy” is often a senior citizen old enough to be my mother or father. I’ve noticed a lot of jobs that used to be done by teenagers when I was a teenager, are now being done by seniors. …
Chas’ Compilation – 
Is it time for baby boomers to be taught proper spending habits?
If so, then how do we go about this mountainous task?
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C-17, Post Office win Senate scramble – David Rogers –
By David Rogers
Because there are real jobs and real people behind these decisions. If the aircraft isn’t needed (don’t we need more large helecopters in Afghanistan?), then the project should be cut. Pay them to make solar panels or wind generators … How can we teach Baby Boomers that you can’t spend what you don’t have? The “Give me now generation” is in charge. We have no way of retraining this generation which is too young to remember the great depression and has no reality check …
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