Your best American cities

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Week of November 07 2009:
Your best American cities
1. Shreveport Louisiana
This is a city that is extremely rich in culture and history.
For the person who frequents casinos, Shreveport has 5 riverboat casinos for you to choose from.
For the one who loves to bet on the horses, Shreveport has some of the best thorough bred racing in the world.
For the one who wants to be close to cities like New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Dallas, and Houston, Shreveport is the one for you.
If you are seeking a city with rich culture, deep history, great culinary tastes, plus more; you should check out Shreveport Louisiana.
2. Akron Ohio
This is a city with one of the most vibrant economies in America today.
It is the hub of business and industry and is home to several and well known companies including tire manufacturers and toy companies.
Akron has a magnitude of attractions to offer history buffs, museum lovers, and there are lots of very affordable homes to choose from.
The cost of living is way below the national average and cost of living for this metropolitan city is much lower than many other metropolitan cities.
Akron is just a stone’s throw away from Cleveland and if you are seeking a city of action, attractions, and affordability, then Akron is for you.
3. Spokane Washington
There are not many cities that have the ability to provide both vacationers and home owners with entertainment that is rich, exciting, and refreshing.
One such city is Spokane Washington; sunny for more than 260 days of the year.
Spokane!  Home to adventure and excitement! White water adventures, roller coaster excitement, peaceful walks through cedar forests, and funtime on pristine golf courses.
A perfect city for the nature lover. 
If you are seeking a city with clean night time entertainment such as casinos and fine dining, and a city with oodles of wineries and breweries to visit and sample, then Spokane is for you.
4. Raleigh North Carolina
If you’re seeking a city where you can continue your career in research, then look no further than Raleigh North Carolina.
Ideally located close to Durham and Cary, Raleigh offers very affordable housing, fine dining, and great entertainment.
Neighborhoods range from the modern urban subdivision to the historic.  
Education facilities are great and Raleigh forms part of the famous research triangle in the region.
If you are looking to relocate to a city with a very affordable cost of living and great opportunities for career advancement, then Raleigh is for you.
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