Coding Horror: The Ugly American Programmer

Top of the day to you out there!  I’m Donna J. Jodhan and today I would like to bring your attention to a real and growing problem; the coding horror.

        Coding Horror: The Ugly American Programmer
One of the most irritating things about localizing software is this; too many programmers are guilty of not providing appropriate translation of the software.  They simply do not take the time to use their knowledge of their native language and English when localizing software and in so many cases they fail miserably at improving the translation.
It is especially so for those Chinese programmers who are constantly working to localize software that has been written in English.  Spanish programmers are a close second but wait!  The same thing seems to be occurring for those English software developers who are attempting to localize Chinese software.  There must be a better way for programmers to deal with this problem.  It is one thing to be able to convert the software but it is entirely another thing to take that converted software and translate it appropriately and accurately.  Two very distinct issues at hand.  In an ideal world, we should be able to depend on programmers and developers to provide us with well translated software that has been localize but this does not seem to be the case at the present time.  We should not be counting on translators alone to do the job.  It has to be a joint effort between developers and programmers and translators.  
There could be ingredients here for the birth of a new type of unique career; the birth of a software translator.  Someone with a programming background who is able to translate and localize software.  This type of career may not be too far fetched if you were to really think of it and it may be very well be just around the corner and just in reach.  This type of career could have the makings of a giant career; one that could very easily provide the pursuer with tremendous financial and personal satisfaction.  One that could easily attract many suitors from many software development companies.  The pursuer of this type of career could very easily find themselves being the pursued.  I am going to leave you with a reference to check out.  One that will give you a lot of food for thought.
        Coding Horror: The Ugly American Programmer
        By Jeff Atwood
        That said, I really agree with your post, and would only add that programmers should take their knowledge of their native language and English when localizing software and improve its translation. ….. The only languages in the same league in numbers are Spanish and Chinese, and the acquisition problems for Chinese are worse than English. If we’re talking about nonnative acquisition, then Chinese is worse, in that few non-native Chinese speakers speak a Sino-Tibetan …
        Coding Horror – 
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