Jobs and careers identified

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Jobs and careers identified
Would you like to know what retirees are doing to deal with the present faltering economy?
Are they working harder or choosing to cut their losses and run for the hills?
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In faltering economy, more retirees have to work
Asbury Park Press – Asbury Park,NJ,USA
With the massive Baby Boomer generation reaching retirement age, … a Holmdel-based Web site for retirees searching for jobs, said traffic is up 30 percent …
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Is the job search getting any easier for our seniors who are considering retirement?
How are you being affected?
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Colorado Springs Business Journal » Blog Archive » Recession has …
By Becky Hurley
“Ironically, this is the worst possible time for the 40 percent of seniors now considering delaying retirement to be searching for jobs. It’s unfortunate that the hopes and dreams of these retirees are being put on hold.” … The baby boomers don’t necessarily want to go from full-time retirement to not working at all,” she said. “We’ve seen an increase in the number of older workers who want to work part-time. If an employer can be flexible in scheduling, many employees …
Colorado Springs Business Journal – 
Is Las Vegas still a good place for aging baby boomers and even those who are younger to seek their fortunes?
Has Las Vegas gone bust like so many other places?
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Fund My Mutual Fund: WSJ: As Boom Times Sour in Las Vegas, Upward …
By TraderMark
Much in the way jobs on Detroit’s assembly lines allowed poor Southern blacks a route out of poverty two generations ago, Las Vegas provided a shot at the middle class for workers fleeing dying industrial centers, or for immigrants arriving …. Too many ravaged balance sheets in the prime earning groups of ages 35-55, too many baby boomers who have lost to the “smart guys in NYC” via multiple “prosperity” investment schemes in tech stocks or real estate in just 1 decade. …
Fund My Mutual Fund – 
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