Is in home care services a viable alternative for disabled seniors?

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Is in home care services a viable alternative for disabled seniors?
By Donna J. Jodhan
It should not come as a surprise to learn that in home care services is on the rise.  With an economy that is continuing to struggle, many seniors and children of seniors are finding themselves in a difficult position of having to make the decision to use in home care services as opposed to the much more expensive alternative of living in seniors homes.  Up until last year, many retirees and seniors were choosing the more luxurious alternative to relocate to those all inclusive homes for seniors and retirees but due to unhealthy circumstances, this is rapidly changing. 

Shocker or shaker?  No, no shocker or no shaker given all of the present economic conditions of today.
For those seniors who need to make the decision for themselves, the facts are as follows:  Much of their savings have been wiped out by the brutality of an unforgiving stock market and they are not able to afford the lifestyle of the more luxurious retirement homes.  As a result, they need to look for more affordable alternatives such as in home care services.  For those already living in retirement homes, they now have to make the painful decision to seek more affordable living and less comfortable lodgings.  For the children who will have to make the decision on behalf of their parents, the challenge will be to make the best decision for their elderly parents given the economic situation.  For those seniors who are also disabled, the decision would be doubly difficult for all stakeholders.
For the mainstream senior and their families, it will all come down to affordability but for disabled seniors a lot more facts will govern how they will live the rest of their lives.  To start with, the majority of disabled seniors in North America lives in poverty and at the present time over 70% of disabled persons in Canada live below the poverty line.  So, living in retirement homes may just be a dream for them but what about in home care services?  Would or could the families of disabled seniors be able to afford this rapidly rising alternative?  If over 70% of disabled Canadians presently live below the poverty line, then it only stands to reason that they will never be able to afford anything for their golden years.  So where does this leave them?  If they live below the poverty line during their working years then how would they manage to give their own children a good start in life and consequently how would these children be able to take care of their disabled elderly parents?
It seems like a very hopeless picture at the present time and Canada is not alone when it comes to this dilemma.  The big question of the day is whether or not global governments are planning to do anything about this sad situation.  If I were a betting person, I would say no simply because of past records when it comes to how global governments have and continue to treat their disabled citizens. However, miracles do occur from time to time and it never hurts to dream.  For some unexplained reason Canada continues to ignore the needs of its disabled population when it comes to recognizing the blatant statistic of a 70% rate of disabled persons living below the poverty line.  Sad but true and for a country like Canada it is shameful and this country does not begin its charity at home before stepping out on to the global stage.

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