Jobs and careers identified

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Jobs and careers identified
How many employees over the age of 65 are there in our labor force today?
Are they choosing to keep working or just retire?
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From 1977 to 2007 employment of workers 65 and over increased 101 percent and from 2005 to 2008 8.3 million Americans lost their jobs. Many jobs were lost due to the economic downturn, however, millions were lost due to America’s failed … Finally, the nation must prepare for the retirement of millions of Baby Boomers, and the loss of years worth of skills, knowledge and experience in the workforce. To do so, America will have to do a much better job of educating and …
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What are boomers doing with their funds these days?
Are they pulling out of Wall Street investments houses or are they choosing to stay?
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As boomers pull out funds, – Wall Street Examiner Forums
“Some economists have warned of the possibility of a dramatic decline in demand as baby boomers sell off their assets to finance their retirement; they assert that the sell-off could cause a dramatic decline in prices,” Douglas Elmendorf, … One exception is housing in particular, where there will be a gross oversupply of McMansions as boomers downsize, and the next cohort coming up is smaller in number. Not to mention that they have lower paying jobs and are …
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Are baby boomers and retirees competing with grads for jobs these days?
If so, why so?
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Generation war – Business –
By Rachel Mendleson
These days an influx of retirees on the supply rolls—baby boomers supplementing their pensions with part-time work—means that new grads are increasingly competing with veterans. … Boomers, though, are not without their own plight. The fear that is prompting many older workers to hold on to their jobs longer or to return for another kick at the can is very real. Though they’re less likely to be laid off, as University of Toronto economics professor Aloysius Siow points … – 
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