Disabled women waiting for 25 years – still nothing to celebrate!!

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Today, I have an interesting article to share with you; one that expresses
some very strong feelings with regard to the plight of women in our society.
I urge you to read on and I join my team members in wishing you a great
holiday weekend.

8 March 2010

Disabled women waiting for 25 years – still nothing to celebrate!!

International Women's Day is supposed to be a celebration of ''Progress for
all'' this year according to the United Nation's Secretary General Ban
Ki-moon. "Sadly today brings forward no good news for women with
disabilities when it comes to violence prevention. Given the grim statistics
on violence against women with disabilities and the fact that there has been
no appreciable change, we are hardly in the mood to celebrate today.'' notes
the organization's President, Carmela Hutchison.

''Rates of violence against disabled women and girls continue to occur at a
much higher rate (40%) and there is nothing being done to reverse this
trend. DAWN-RAFH Canada began working on this issue from our very earliest
days, conducting research, providing resources and policy recommendations
for two and a half decades now! ''

A recent update of that early work by DAWN-RAFH Canada reveals that while
some shelters have made improvements,
(http://www.dawncanada.net/ENG/ENGwelcome.htm#NAAS ) many report that access
to funding has been a huge barrier to making significant changes. DAWN-RAFH
Canada's recommendations to the Government of Canada include the creation of
a national network of accessible shelters and a significant increase in
funding for resources!

Approximately 1.9 million women in Canada live with disability. Despite
this DAWN-RAFH Canada is the only national organization working on behalf of
women and girls with disabilities in Canada.

We are very pleased to be working with our partners at YWCA Canada as part
of their Life Beyond Shelters Campaign this year for International Women's
Day (http://www.ywcacanada.ca/public_eng/index.cfm). It is only through the
kind significant leadership engagement we have seen from YWCA Canada that we
can expect there to be any real change for our women any time soon. Two
members of our Board participated in the video project that will be part of
the United Nations Consultations on the Status of Women CSW54 – NGO Parallel
Forum next week – you can watch Zelda Rempel, our provincial representative
from Saskatchewan speak out on You Tube at the following link:
– 30 –

For more information contact:
Bonnie L. Brayton, National Executive Director: 514-396-0009 or
1-866-396-0074 or
Carmela Hutchison, President, 403-816-7301
For YWCA Canada – Paulette Senior, CEO, or Ann Decter, Director of Advocacy
& Public Policy, contact Laura Tilley, Communications & Marketing
Coordinator at (647) 883-2340;

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