Your best American cities

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Week of April 03 2010

Your best American cities

1. Portsmouth Virginia
If you're seeking a city with history, character, and deep-rooted culture,
then you've come to the right city.
Portsmouth Virginia has lots for the history buff and the architecture
admirer to enjoy.
With many restored hotels and homes, modern condos and town houses, and
handsome riverfront homes with magnificent views, Portsmouth makes an ideal
city for the one seeking to live a quiet life.

2. Greensboro North Carolina
Greensboro is a city of scenic beauty; with fascinating foothills, forests,
and rivers with fast flowing water.
This city is loaded with wondrous parks, historic sites, and nature grounds
that inspire campers to stay a while.
Greensboro has a thriving economy and a low unemployment rate.
It is a city for the college student, the young professional, and the
suburban dweller.
It is a city for the avid shopper, the museum lover, and the one seeking
excitement in a white water park.

3. Garden Grove California
If you are seeking a city to relocate to where you can start a new life
after your kids have moved on, then consider the beautiful city of Garden
A city with a fresh look; centrally located.
Close in proximity to Los Angeles, and within spitting distance of
Disneyland and the beach.
A city that is blessed with lots of green spaces, and lots of restaurants
and great summer festivals to enjoy.
A city rich in culture and architecture.
Home styles that range from the ancient to the modern and in between.

4. Philadelphia Pennsylvania
If you are a young professional looking to fulfill your dreams of a great
career, then look no further than Philadelphia Pennsylvania.
A city with character; fine dining, excellent shopping, and deep historical
Many large companies make Philadelphia their home base and if you are
seeking a livable city with a great record for healthy living, then this is
the city for you.

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