The Sterling Creations Winter 2008 newsletter

The Sterling Creations Winter 2008 newsletter


                   Hello and welcome to the Sterling Creations Winter 2008 newsletter, which is produced quarterly.  We hope that you enjoy it and encourage you to pass it along to those who may be interested in the types of services that we offer.  We welcome your feedback and invite you to give us your comments for it is only through you and with you that we can improve our services. 


Table of contents

1 Message from the president

2 The year in review

3 Sterling services

4 Our partners

5 Contact info



Message from the president

Hello there!  My name is Donna J Jodhan, and I am the president of Sterling Creations.  Sterling Creations is delighted to bring you their latest newsletter and we invite you to read more about some of the exciting and interesting things that we have been doing for the past year.  2008 has been extremely rewarding and exciting for us, as we have managed to expand our business as well as our partnerships despite the continuing uncertainty in our economy. 


2009 is already shaping up to be very interesting for our company and we are looking forward to it with great anticipation.  We are expecting great things for all of our teams as they strive to continue their work in their respective disciplines.  We hope that you enjoy this winter and we wish you good health, good luck, and good sailing for 2009.


On behalf of the Sterling Creations team I thank you for your continuing support and feedback because with it we can only get better and without it our hopes will only dwindle.

Best wishes for 2009.

Donna J. Jodhan, president.



The year in review

We would like to start our year in review by saluting our president Donna J. Jodhan for the award that she received on December 03 2008.  Donna was one of six recipients to have received the Unsung Heroes award from the City of Toronto.  This award was a part of the United Nations celebration of the day of the disabled, which is celebrated each year on De cember 03.  Donna was nominated by the Alliance for the equality of Blind Canadians for her work on her ongoing charter challenge in which she is suing the Canadian government over their inaccessible websites. 


This charter challenge is one of the first of its kind in Canadian history and Donna is being supported by a highly motivated and esteemed team that includes David Baker and his group of lawyers, Jutta Treviranus of the University of Toronto, and the Alliance for the Equality of Blind Canadians.  The Bakerlaw team of lawyers are well known for their string of continuing successes in representing the rights of special needs Canadians while Jutta is one of the most highly respected experts in the accessibility arena both at home and internationally.  Please visit to learn more about the award ceremony that was held on December 03 2008.


Donna launched her charter challenge in late 2006 when the Bakerlaw team submitted a letter of demand to the Honourable John Baird asking for the Canadian government to make their websites accessible to blind and visually impaired Canadians and when Mr. Baird refused the team filed court papers.  This was done in July 2007 and when the Canadian Government’s attempt to have the proceedings thrown out of court was struck down, the two sides attempted to settle out of court but this too failed.  At the present time, cross examination of witnesses by both sides is proceeding at a swift pace and this case will probably head to open court barring any unforeseen events.  Stay tuned! 


Donna has been invited to deliver the keynote speech at the 2009 annual general meeting of the Alliance for the Equality of Blind Canadians, which will be held from May 01/03 in Vancouver British Colombia.  A very exciting time for our president who has asked us to thank the AEBcfor their gracious invitation; in particular John Rae and Denise Sanders. 


In September 2008 Donna became involved with researchers at the University of Toronto to engage in a very exciting venture that has great potential.  Donna has been working with researchers at the University of Toronto on a project that explores how community engagement can be used to help screen reader users in evaluating the credibility of information they seek online as part of everyday life.  All of this hard work has paid off and we are delighted to share some wonderful news with you!


In March 2009 Donna will be traveling with Sambhavi Chandrashekar, a PHD student from the University of Toronto, to attend the CSUN conference.  Donna and Sam will be co-presenting a paper on the “FRAMEWORK TO SUPPORT ONLINE CREDIBILITY EVALUATION BY WEB USERS WITH VISION LOSS.”  We look forward to reporting the outcome of this presentation in our next newsletter.


Our president also managed to add one more prize to her bulging bag last year.  In an article-writing competition sponsored by T-Base Communications of Ottawa,  Donna J. Jodhan was victorious through the submission of her article entitled “Making important decisions with outdated information.”  In her article, Donna discussed the serious problem that Canadians presently face when making financial decisions that involve such things as investments, retirement and pension plans, plus other types of day-to-day decisions. 


Donna received the highest possible score on the three

pre-determined criteria as follows:

Writing Style and Tone.  Clarity and Thoroughness.  General Organization.

The panel of judges included editors from some of Canada‘s top newspapers.  We salute Donna on her victory.


Our accessibility team continued to make inroads into the accessibility arena and one of its highlights for 2008 was the project that it worked on to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Louis Braille.  This team designed and developed a website for the CNIB as part of the commemorative celebrations.  The accessibility team worked closely with Barbara Marjeram and Don Taylor of the CNIB to complete the project.  Visit to see the work of our accessibility team.

Congrats to the accessibility team!


Not to be outdone:  Our writing team continued to work with clients in England and Australia to write, proofread, and edit fiction novels and children’s books.  In addition, it continued to support the business team at to produce blogs.  The writing and research teams also became heavily involved in supporting our president to produce blogs and editorials at,,, and 


At we introduced a blog in November 2008 and this blog produces editorials by our president as well as publishes relevant articles from various sources including WebProNews, Gryphon Financial, and various top newspapers from around the world.  Our president writes editorials of interest for those who work with foreign languages as well as for special needs business consultants.


The Sterling Creations translation team at also managed to score some very exciting successes for 2008.  This very creative and highly diversified team managed to attract clients from as far away places as Spain, and gained some very important business right here in Toronto.  The translation team worked mainly with clients to translate to and from Chinese to English and Spanish to English.  We are anticipating some very bright prospects for our translation team for 2009.


In 2008 we formed some very exciting partnerships.  First with Geof Collis to produce editorials at and  Geof is a highly respected web designer and developer of accessible websites.  He recently launched to compliment his very successful website.  His weekly electronic newsletter presently boasts a subscription list of over 1200 subscribers. 


Geof Collis is a very hardworking entrepreneur who is not content to sit back and let things happen.  He makes them happen and has additional big plans for 2009.  Sterling Creations is delighted to be associated with Geof Collis.


In the summer of 2008 Sterling Creations was given an opportunity to produce blogs for Vashaun Jones at  Vashaun is another up and coming entrepreneur who is doing very well for himself in the United States.  He works closely with the National Federation for the Blind and was recently elected president of one of the NFB’s chapters.  Sterling Creations looks forward to a long and fruitful association with Vashaun Jones and hopes that this partnership will help to create further opportunities in the United States.


The following is a list of websites where you can read blogs and editorials written by Donna J. Jodhan:

A weekly feature on important answers to consumers concerns

A weekly blog for language professionals

A monthly editorial on business issues and concerns 

Weekly editorials on accessibility issues in Canada

Editorials:  An International perspective on issues of accessibility and disability

A general perspective on issues of access and accessibility 


We look forward to continued success for 2009 and will be seeking to expand opportunities to produce blogs, editorials, and product reviews for those who are interested to share their knowledge and information.  Despite the present economic downturn,  Sterling Creations is committed to soldiering on in the spirit of helping others to become successful.



Sterling services


Meet our accessibility team!  Made up of a hard working group of very dedicated professionals.  

This team offers compliance and evaluation services.  They can help you to test and evaluate your websites for W3C compliance.  They are experienced at what they do and some of their tasks include:

Accessible website design and development.

Accessible website testing and evaluation.

Accessible content development.

Creation of user testing, technical support, high level, and detailed evaluation documents.

Managing of user testing teams.

User and technical support.

Hardware and software evaluations of access technology.

Presentations, seminars, and workshops.


Meet our research services team!  Our newest edition.

This team can help you to research info on all kinds of topics.  From simple subjects to the more complicated ones.  This team can do it.

At the present time the research team is heavily involved in helping clients to research info for some very complicated Human Rights cases and in addition, they are assisting several authors to find ways to market their books.

They also offer their research services to home businesses, small businesses, and to individuals.

Some of their tasks include:

Researching of requested info.

Producing well-written documents containing the requested info.

This team can carry out Internet, phone, and library research on your behalf.


Meet our writing team!  Known as the one stop writing shop.

This team is probably the busiest of our groups.  Working with authors, students, and marketing personnel from companies of all sizes.

Some of their tasks include:

Proofreading and editing. 

Copy writing.

Re-writ es.

The writing team can help you to enhance and expand your articles, blogs, newsletters, online magazines, and web content.

To see samples of their work you can visit and there you’ll find daily blogs produced by this team. 


Meet our translation team!  Made up of translators and language coaches.

This team works in English, French, Spanish, Cantonese, and Mandarin.  They are heavily involved in the translation of storybooks for kids into several languages.

Their language coaches are also heavily involved in helping business professionals and new Canadians to become more proficient at writing and speaking English.

Our dynamic team of translators and language coaches can help you to improve and translate your articles, blogs, emails, faxes, newsletters, and online magazines.  In addition, they offer services to help you improve your phone conversation.

Some of their tasks include:


Language coaching.


Proofreading and editing.


To learn more about our accessibility, research, and writing services, please visit and while there, check out our free monthly online magazine.  You can go directly to this magazine by visiting  This magazine is filled with articles of interest to the special needs population; there is also a section on helpful tips, and an editorial written by Donna J Jodhan.  The helpful tips section contains tips on a wide range of topics.  From the kitchen to your diet, and from your computer to tidbits on disabling diseases and even some tips on the workplace.  You can even submit your comments to this magazine by emailing us at

To learn more about our translation team, please visit and while there, check out their weekly blog on the free useful info page.  This page contains some very helpful news for translators and language professionals and in addition, there is an editorial on various types of opportunities for language professionals.


Our new sister website!  If you would like to make some lighthearted contributions at absolutely no cost, then please send your contributions to  Visit our new sister at and there you will find a lot of interesting information, books to read, plus more.



Our Partners


We would now like to introduce you to our partners and invite you to check them out.


About MIAD

With over 15 years of business experience, MIAD Information Systems Ltd. is a full-line supplier of IT Hardware/Software and Service and Support for the GTA.  MIAD provides custom and name brand servers, laptops, notebooks and workstations, as well as warranty and non-warranty repairs service for major laptop/notebook brands such as IBM, Lenovo, HP, Compaq, and Dell.  MIAD has formed strategic partnerships with major IT manufacturers to deliver integrated business solutions that enable our customers to compete and grow in these demanding economic times.  We specialize in Customizable IT Solutions for Small/Medium businesses and custom tailor our solutions to the individual needs of your organization. Recognized across Canada for our Service Excellence by our customers and our Service Partners, IBM/Lenovo, HP, Apple and others. At MIAD we understand information technology and its use in solving problems. MIAD is more than just a company that fills orders; we specialize in developing creative, cost-effective solutions for our Clients, large and small. The commitment to quality and performance is proven by the successful partnerships we have formed with significant companies and institutions in the Canadian Educational, Health and Corporate sectors.


About Texthelp Systems’ Browsealoud

 Texthelp Systems’ Browsealoud is the preferred solution for speech enabling website content and increasing access for individuals with literacy difficulties. This award winning web accessibility solution, reads aloud all website content including Alt Tags, embedded PDF and Microsoft Word documents, and secure pages.  Reading text aloud combined with dual color highlighting makes it easier for users to read the web, interact online, or even learn to read.  Browsealoud is a subscription based service with a free download for your website visitors. It’s easy to implement and even easier to use, and is the only truly accessible text to speech solution for both website owners and visitors. 


See for yourself how Browsealoud works on these Browsealoud enabled sites:  

 City of Ottawa –

·                                 Province of Ontario –

·                       !ut/p/.cm/cs/.ce/7_0_A/.s/7_0_252/_s.7_0_A/7_0_252/_l/en?docid=STEL01_100996

·                                 Yukon Workers’ Compensation Health & Safety Board –


·                                 Cambrian College –

·                        dex.php

·                                 Niagara College –



·                                 About

·                                 President Geof Collis

·                                 “Bad Eyes Design and Consulting builds industry leading, accessible

·                                 websites using today’s best practices and in accordance with the W3C

·                                 standards and provides

·                                   accessibility audits. Visit them on the web at



·                                 About

·                                 President Vashaun Jones

·                                 Are you in search for that perfect job?

·                                 Do you have a software application that you need training on or a computer operating system that you want to advance in?

·                                 If the answer to either of these questions is yes then we are the company to assist you. We are LLC, specializing in online training for Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems.

·                                 If you work during the day or are in school and need a flexible time to train then we are here to help. We employ a staff of over 50 access technology specialist all over the globe, so we are able to provide training on your schedule and best of all it’s all done from the comfort of your own home.

·                                 If you need to learn Microsoft Office, Terminal in Mac or a flavor of Linux then we are only a click away.

·                                 For any readers of this newsletter LLC is offering a 20% discount if you use the coupon code “advancement”.

·                                 For more information and other fun stuff like our blog, mailing list or podcast, check us out on the web at or send an e-mail to



Contact info

To contact us by email:  Please send your email to

To contact us by phone:  Please give us a call at (416) 491-7711




About Donna Jodhan

Donna Jodhan is an award winning blind author, advocate, sight loss coach, blogger, podcast commentator, and accessibility specialist.
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