News – April 2022 – Catch up on “Ask Donna” from Whose Blind Life Is It Anyway

An image of a microphone with the words 'Whose Blind Life Is It Anyway?' above it.For the month of March, Donna recorded four weekly shows for the Whose Blind Life Is It Anyway network. Here are some of the highlights for each show:

  • Week 1, from Ask the Advocate: The Meaning of Accessibility
  • Week 2, from Ask the Author: Paying Attention to the Soothing Smells
  • Week 3, from Ask the Coach: Hanging Pictures on the Wall
  • Week 4, from As the Expert: How Does One Make Fitness Programs More Accessible?

Donna’s mental stress feature at the end of each show is a must listen and to participate.

You can find Whose Blind Life Is It Anyway at any of these locations:

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