Who Really Has Our Backs? Does Anyone Care?

O my gosh! It is the final Saturday of April and so very hard to believe!
I’m Scott Savoy at the Sterling Creations desk and today I am pleased to share our president’s latest editorial with you.
For this week, Donna J. Jodhan asks this question; who really has our backs?
This is a very insightful read and I encourage you to give it your attention!
Here’s to a great end of April weekend!

A photo of the center block of buildings at Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada, at midday under a clear blue sky with white clouds.Who Really Has Our Backs?
by Donna J. Jodhan

In a recent conversation with a very high profile person in the Canadian government, I learned that after all that whereas the spirit is willing indeed; the flesh is extraordinarily weak and there is not much that Canadians with disabilities can do about it.

In short, the message is that no one really has our back! True it is that Legislation was passed in 2019 to enact an Accessible Canada Act but truth be told this well meaning piece of legislation is filled with proposed requirements which it is hoped will be followed by both government entities and federally governed entities.

Everyone seems to be taken up with ensuring that the ACA includes requirements to mandate entities to follow requirements and penalties if they are not followed but while all of this is going on Canadians with disabilities continue to be faced with reasons/excuses as to why their matters are not being handled on a timely basis.

For many years now a certain Government Department keeps telling us that they are dealing with over 1000 complaints and this is why our complaints continue to be caught in the log jam. It is hard to understand how this department can feel comfortable continuing to proffer this laughable excuse year after year.

Websites, online complaints processes, and a wanton lack of resources continue to be the order of the day. Starting from the very top where the process to apply for Public Service jobs and trickling down to several departments; I again ask the question who really has our backs?

Advocacy is definitely not for the faint of Heart! Advocates will continue to face adversity and complacency and for those who decide to persevere, I can only say that you need to stock up on your hair dyes!

Just my two cents for today

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