When Engagement Fails – Nothing Has Changed

A graphic diagram of the word 'teambuilding' in big capital letters with spokes coming off it. Each spoke connects to a stick figure graphic representing a different concept: team spirit, inspiration, goals, competence, support, and motivation.When engagement fails

Please do not get me wrong!  I am a very strong advocate for engagement and when it works it does indeed work but when it fails it is all because one party enters this process with pre conceived ideas and attitudes and then it is soon discovered that they never really had any intentions of changing their stances.

These are my thoughts for today and I am only sharing this after having witnessed certain sad, embarrassing, disrespectful, and humiliating actions on the part of certain specific Canadian Government departments.  These are the bad and rotten apples that definitely spoil the images and profiles of other Canadian Government departments that are trying so hard to engage in meaningful discussions.

These are certain specific Canadian Government departments that intentionally continue to engage in willful and reckless actions and ones that intentionally continue to defy the rules and regulations of the accessible Canada Act.

These are the departments that should definitely know better but such is their mindset that their lawyers have no problem in continuing to defy the ACA and I can only urge the Honourable Prime Minister and the responsible Minister along with her team to please do something about this!  This can only lead to a growing black mark being perpetrated by some renegade folks who do not care choosing instead to continue to terrorize Canadians with disabilities rather than working to build a better Canada for them.

My final word:  I can only hope and pray that the Accessible Canada Act which was legislated in July 2019 will help to make a difference re enforcing penalties for those Federal Government Departments and other Federally governed entities that continue to persist in their present behaviour.

Just my two cents for today.

Image = An illustration depicts the word TEAMBUILDING under which are 6 icons which read Team Spirit, Inspiration, Goals, Competence, Support and Motivation.

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