Ask an Author – May 2023 – Trails and Paths Await You

A hiking trail lined with stones climbs through dense woodland where golden sunlight makes the trees up ahead glow.

Trails and Paths Await You

Believe me when I tell you that nothing could be better than using those pleasant trails and paths to help you clear your mind and imagination and to help you spark and stimulate your creative juices!

I have been using this strategy now for many years and I always look forward to the spring when I can walk along the trails and paths and just listen to the birds singing sweetly in the trees. I also love to use the refreshing breezes to help me clear my mind and imagination of clutter and cob webs mainly left over from a long winter’s season.

This is what almost every author does in order to avoid that dreaded writer’s block! It is absolutely no fun whenever writer’s block grabs possession of our minds, imaginations, and creative juices.

It also does not matter if we are starting to write anything from an article, book, chapter, editorial, or newsletter. In short, it does not matter how small or how big our authorship is all about. What matters is that we first need to clear the cob webs and clutter, and then to allow and enable our creative juices to start sparking and stimulating.

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I’m Donna J. Jodhan (award-winning sight loss coach and accessibility advisor)

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