The Growing Communications Divide

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Today, I am pleased to share our president’s editorial with you and for this week Donna J. Jodhan expresses her concern over the growing communications divide.
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The Growing Communications Divide
by Donna J. Jodhan

O yes I definitely know! We are living in a world where communications is becoming more and more of a chore and trial and less and less of a fun experience. When more folks deliberately choose not to fully or meaningfully read their emails choosing instead to ask the sender to either resend or they send a text asking them to explain then something is very wrong.

When you leave a phone message for someone and they refuse to listen or they ignore it choosing instead to phone you back and ask you to repeat your phone message all over again it becomes extremely disappointing, irritating, and downright rude.

Now we have this growing scenario: I live in Canada and the last time I checked we are a bilingual country with English and French as the primary languages. Over recent decades Canada has become a country of a rich salad bowl of other languages and it has made it possible to be able to communicate more affectively far and wide amongst and between a plethora of cultures.

All well and good but my respectful challenge here is that more and more companies are not taking the time to train their customer reps to sufficiently and appropriately carry out their spoken and written communication in English. Too many customer reps are failing to communicate properly in English and I and so many others are spending precious time to explain ourselves in English. The same is happening in the case of written emails. Emails from customer reps and support staff are being written in very poor English and we are being forced to spend a lot of time doing our best to decipher what is being communicated.

The other day I had to repeat myself about five times to a customer rep who could not communicate properly in English and who kept asking me to repeat myself. When I asked him if he could not hear me properly he sheepishly admitted that he could not understand English very well.

For whereas I felt very sorry for this customer rep I felt embarrassed, and most ashamed for the company in question. This being the insurance agents representing the Royal Bank of Canada.

Maybe companies need to put more effort into training their staffs and reps to communicate more affectively in English. I deem it an insult and disrespect when I as an English speaking consumer am unable to receive proper service in my native language.
What is going on here? Do these companies not care about good communication?

The further message to companies is that they should take a long hard look at decisions being made to base their support centers in foreign countries where English is not the first language. If these companies believe that they are reducing their costs I do not think so. They are only helping to vastly increase the communication divide. They are unwittingly causing a lot of confusion and hardship to their consumer bases and I can only respectfully urge them to take note.

I also urge Bell and Rogers to start pulling up their socks here or else they too will find themselves starting to suffer the consumer rejection.

Just my two cents for today

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