Once Again We Have Been Forgotten

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Today, I am pleased to share our president’s editorial and for this week Donna J. Jodhan talks about how once again, those with disabilities have been forgotten.
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Once again we have been forgotten
By Donna J. Jodhan

And should I be surprised? Absolutely not! And how can we stop some of these unpleasant surprises from happening? I am still scratching my head!

Today it is all about the City of Toronto falling down on the job. They recently instituted a vacant property tax whereby they are asking home owners to submit an online form to state whether or not they have occupied their homes for the last six months.

All well and good but for those of us who have difficulty submitting these so-called simple forms; it is an insult and it is very disrespectful when you are told by agents at the 311 phone line that you can find someone to submit it for you!

Here’s what happened to me.
I spent over two hours waiting on the 311 phone line to speak to an agent and when I did get through to a live agent I told them that I needed help as a vision impaired person to submit my form.
They told me that I could get someone to do it for me and when I told them that this was unacceptable, rude, disrespectful, and an infringement against my rights for equality and privacy, they took down my complaint, gave me a ticket number, and sent me on to another department.

I waited on the phone for another hour before I had to hang up and then I again phoned after working hours.
The agent told me that the info being requested was not confidential so it was perfectly okay for me to seek someone’s help to submit my form.

Out of pure frustration I ended up asking a close friend to help me and I also registered my objections with my Counsellor’s office; Nick Mantas of Ward 22.
This is unacceptable, it is rude, it is disrespectful, and I am demanding that the City of Toronto take steps to fix this glaring glitch!
It does not matter whether or not the info being requested is confidential; everyone has the right to complete this form in privacy.
So please City of Toronto! Please do something about this now!

Note: I am happy to report that thanks to my Counsellor’s office I was contacted by the City of Toronto and hopefully we can work to right a wrong.

Just my two cents for today.
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