Who are the Usurpers?

Hey everyone and this is indeed the final weekend of March.
We have turned the clocks forward and now we need to encourage Spring to get going.
Today I am pleased to share our president’s editorial with you and for this week Donna J. Jodhan has a very hard hitting thought to share and she is asking for your feedback.
It is all about calling out those usurpers who continue unabatedly to build their profiles and line their pockets through the lived experiences, knowledge, and skills of Canadians with disabilities.
O yes! This is what they are doing and they show no mercy!
I’m Christian Robicheau wishing you a great weekend.


Who are the usurpers?
By Donna J. Jodhan

In my respectful opinion, they are the individuals and companies who loudly proclaim to be knowledgeable and expert in the field of accessibility and inclusivity but truth be told knowledge and expertise are sadly missing in their arsenals.
They are the individuals who go around promoting themselves as such but in fact they continue to fail to take advantage of the real experts of accessibility and we are the ones who are th true experts.

They are the companies who continue to fool all levels of governments with their inaccurate info that they possess the knowledge and experience when in truth they do not possess very much in this field.

We have individuals who continue to be considered as very high profile experts and there is no doubt that they have obtained knowledge and experience but truth be told they are sadly lacking in lived experience. The same for those usurping companies.

How can we address and fix this blatant wrong? I am not really sure! Maybe we can start to speak up and speak up more strongly. Maybe we can start to promote the lived expertise factor and to start appealing to the better sides of these folks.

Just my two cents for today.
Image = a large red stop sign
Image = Five blue accessibility logos, hearing impaired, sign language, wheelchair, restroom with wheelchair and guide dog.

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