No huge suprise

And welcome to the merry month of May! It is a gorgeous weekend shaping up and we hope that everyone has something special planned despite all of the continued restrictions.

Today, I am pleased to share our president’s weekly editorial with you and for this week, Donna J. Jodhan focuses her attention on some troubling and continued chronic concerns.

I’m Scott Savoy wishing you a great May 1st weekend.


No huge surprise

No; not very surprised as several persons had warned me many months ago that this would be happening and what kind of surprise am I referring to today?

Well, it’s all about Federal entities, companies, and governmental departments all now scrambling to form advisory committees made up of persons with disabilities. The committees are supposed to be advising the above on issues pertaining to issues on accessibility and disability and this frantic trend is taking place because of the requirements of the Accessible Canada Act’s requirements.

On the one hand I should be smiling from ear to ear and jumping up and down but not just quite and why? Simple! 98% of the requests coming into me personally and to Barrier free Canada – Canada sans barrières of which I am the president are missing a very important ingredient!

Yes; and this crucial ingredient is that these entities, organizations, and Government departments are all asking for voluntary participation with no remuneration in return for our very special knowledge and expertise! Alas! What can I say? I can only shake my head with tremendous sadness, disappointment and embarrassment.

This shameful trend continues with not much hope of any sort of reversal unless our Federal Government decides to step in and do something about it! There is a very famous Chinese proverb that goes something like this: “Good things no cheap and cheap things no good!”

So if we were to take this saying verbatim it would mean that our very specialized knowledge and expertise are all no good because no one wants to pay for it!

I have made myself a promise and I’ll promise the kids of the future that whenever I can I will speak out on this embarrassing circumstance. Those who can definitely afford to pay us continue to take advantage of us by requesting that we provide our services for no remuneration.

These entities can all afford but shame on them! Several prominent government departments, transportation companies, and the beat goes on! There is even a high tech company that is guilty of this crime!

Just my two cents for today.

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