What happens when greedy developers deliberately ruin neighbourhoods

There are always two sides and maybe even more to every picture.  Developers would often say that they are not ruining neighbourhoods.  Instead, they are ensuring that living standards are being looked after for the betterment of the neighbourhood.  That they are providing alternatives for the community to take advantage of.

What they almost always fail to admit is that they are also looking after their own welfare; they are stuffing their pockets while at the same time they are depriving the vulnerable of ways and means to live independently.  No one is going to argue that in order to live we need to garner income and there is absolutely nothing wrong with this.

However, when you have selfish and greedy and unscrupulous developers who literally ruin the independence of the vulnerable; seniors and persons with disabilities who depend heavily on those homely and welcoming strip plazas to shop for necessities, this is where I personally draw the line.

This is exactly what is happening right before our eyes at the corner of Finch and Pharmacy avenues in Scarborough Ontario and thus far the Municipal Council has not lifted a finger to save the vulnerable.

First the greedy grabbers managed to gain permission to construct a town house complex at the corner of 3050 Pharmacy avenue.  Then if this was not enough they are now going after the construction of another town house complex at 3079 Pharmacy avenue.  Of course, these money grabbers are going to say that this latest proposed construction is going to enrich the neighbourhood and  raise the value of property.  Maybe so but at what cost?

By ripping down the strip mall at 3079 Pharmacy avenue and replacing it with their version of enriching the neighbourhood, they are affectively changing the lives of those seniors, persons with disabilities, and others who have depended on this neighbourhood jewel for so many years.  Not in a positive way but in a very negative way.

When all is said and done, these greedy developers would have filled their deep pockets with blood money and those mentioned above would have lost an important part of their daily lives.

For no longer will they be able to visit the Agincourt Bakery to buy their pastries, bread, and purchase those yummy Italian meals.  No longer will they be able to shop at the Dan Forth supermarket to buy their West Indian produce and products.  No longer will they be able to pick up their prescriptions and necessary pharmaceuticals from the friendly Royal Crest Pharmacy.  No longer will they be able to pick up last minute errands at the corner grocery, to take their laundry to the cleaners, visit the family doctor, or to get their hair cut.

In one fell swoop, greedy developers have managed to snuff all of these daily necessities away from the vulnerable and have left a neighbourhood with the majority of citizens now having to depend on their friends and family to drive them to other outlets to fulfill their daily needs.

Once more, greedy developers have been allowed to ruin a bit more of greenery and green space and to ruin the livelihoods of hard working small businesses.  Once again Toronto Council has failed miserably to protect the quality of life of the vulnerable and the livelihoods of small business.

Shame on you Toronto Council!  You are only prepared to talk the walk but not walk the walk!  Shame on you unscrupulous developers!  All you care about is filling your pretty pockets and nothing more!

Just my two cents for today.

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