Ask an Author – July 2024 – Summer Strings and Things

A woman holding a small fluffy brown dog under one arm and an ice cream cone in her other hand. The dog is leaning over to sneak a lick of the ice cream.Summer Strings and Things

If you were to tell me that the month of July really does not do anything to enhance your mind and imagination, to refresh your output of ideas, thoughts, and strategies, I’ll be telling you to take a long hard look at a midsummer’s night dream!

O yes! It’s time for you to take full advantage of midsummer. Time for you to do a bit of dreaming, hoping, thinking and planning. Time for you to take a serious look at how you can use Nature’s strings and things to help put you in the creative zone.

You would really be missing out if you don’t consider this strategy. I use this background every year! I smell the fresh air, listen to the ocean, taste the ice cream, and touch the cool golden sand and much more!

It’s all about the summer strings and things. So now I am encouraging you to do the same!

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