Your future consumers

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Your future consumers


It often makes me smile whenever clients ask me the following question:  Who do you think our future consumers could be?


I smile because it is o so obvious to me but in reality to many it is still very much of a mystery.  In my opinion, the future consumers, the bread and butter consumers to the majority of companies will be the aging baby boomer.  Not many industries will be able to avoid this type of consumer and it would probably be a wise idea for companies to start preparing.  I am not going to name all of the industries that will be inundated by the needs and demands of the aging boomer consumer but I will give a few examples.  Before doing so however, let me just clarify a bit for you.  The aging baby boomer consumer is one that is going to mature into the senior and retiree so in essence we have to look at a picture of an aging baby boomer maturing into a retiree and senior.


The types of industries that will have to react to this type of consumer would include:  The travel industry, the anti-aging health industry, the health and medical industry, the food industry, and even the clothing industry.  Habits and preferences are going to start shifting and companies within these industries will also have to shift to suit.   In addition, colleges and universities will have to start tailoring their courses to accommodate this new type of consumer and students themselves will have to start adopting a new approach.


The aging baby boomer consumer is not going to go away and this is a fact of life that we all have to realize.  Their needs and demands are only going to increase so we might as well face it and meet it.  The landscape is changing and if we want to remain in business then we have to change too!  So that when the folks at A & P Canada now called Metro tell their customers that they are not in the business to help customers, they are in the business to sell groceries, they should probably rethink this statement.



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