If You Had Just One Opportunity To Seize Everything You've Ever Wanted… By Investing In One Newsletter… Would You Know Which One?

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If You Had Just One Opportunity To Seize Everything You’ve Ever Wanted… By Investing In One Newsletter… Would You Know Which One?
If you had just one opportunity to seize everything you’ve ever wanted… by investing in one newsletter… Would you know which one?
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Have you ever noticed that everyone on TV, to guy on the next bar stool claims they know the next big STOCK investment? Even if that guy is BUFFET- he’d still be wrong. Want to know why? Because there is no one who can pick stocks 100% correctly—That’s why!
Every minute an investment is not in your portfolio is a minute it is not producing profits for you. The key to picking the most profitable positions is to follow a time-tested, well informed, qualified staff of traders and follow them.
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Canada’s Public Infrastructure isn’t as nearly bad or as costly as the U.S’s, however with far less in population and industry doesn’t mean the investment opportunities are far less, in fact they may be greater. Here’s why…
In 2007 the Canadian government decided to allocate $1,000.00 per person to fix their entire infrastructure in a 7 year time period. That’s $33 BILLION! Their roads, bridges, tunnels, inadequate water and waste systems, schools, dams etc. will be fixed and added to by private companies. And they say this is just the beginning. The gap in funding is between $44-$125 BILLION- that’s what their entire existing infrastructure is worth. They want to do all this, matching what they have spent previously while adding new trade systems to gain access to Asian markets.
Aecon Group Inc. (ARE:TSX) a Canadian leader in the Toronto area is the company we believe that will benefit the most. This company’s abilities include road, highway and airport construction, paving, building dams, tunnels and transport systems, as well as utility (water and sewer) construction, telecommunication network and gas projects. They not only care for such projects but they also, maintain, manage and upgrade as well. To top it all off their building segment includes commercial building, schools, hospitals and government buildings, their industrial includes pipe manufacturing and electricity generation facilities that range from nuclear to fossil to hydroelectric!
This breakout company has even dived into international projects that include building Quito, Ecuador’s new airport and Isreal’s new cross-country highway.
“YOU can easily see the BIG PICTURE”
A traders mistake may cost a lot, An Investors who sits and waits the cost is a thousand times more. CAUTIOUS and EXACT THINKING will cost millions more!
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Well call me crazy!
For the Chinese, an educated population is a matter of pride. More and more of them are leaving their humble roots in agriculture and onto the big city lights where they dream of blue-collar positions, and western lifestyle. But the only way to afford such positions is to pass through a bit of education— and they are by the millions!
For example, the number of Chinese that migrated to the cities in search of education has grown from 850,000 in 1978 to over 15,000,000 in 2007. The soaring numbers are looking for new employment opportunities and education. China schools can’t keep up with this education demand and failing miserably.
CHINA EDUCATION CORP. (CEDU:NASDAQ) is the company making huge strides in providing educational online degree programs for various majors for both preprimary and college students alike. And get this, they have exclusive contracts with many existing Chinese schools, securing their revenue for many years to come. This is a seasonal buy and hold move.
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